Music Monday :: my thoughts on FMA

11 Jul

Sure, I’ll listen to this. I’ve been seeing it around.

“Church On Sunday.” Yes, the comparison in her blurb to Amy Winehouse is apt. I don’t mind I like this style fairly well. This is going to be very heterosexual, though, isn’t it.

“Hell Of A Girl.” Yeah, this is pretty cute. I get a good vibe off of it. It has its purposes.

“Hope You Understand.” I don’t know, I’m not having serious feelings yet but this is cute.

“Crazy Over Here.” I like how her voice pops on “hold me tight” that’s nice.

“You Don’t Own Me.” Ah yes the one that’s on the Suicide Squad ads. There’s rapping now. Her voice is still doing cute things.

“How To Love Me.” Oh look a ballad. That’s nice.

“Coffee.” Yes, she has a nice vocal aesthetic.

“From You.” Okay, this continues to be nice. It’s not… making me think deep thoughts. But it’s pretty cute.

“Feel Your Love.” Oh I got “we on some rebel shit” that’s cute.

“New Orleans.” The mood of this one is kind of rollercoaster but that’s fine.

“Boys Boys Boys.” I am not this song’s target audience.

“Say.” Did she just say “Sleepy Hollow”??

“Boyfriend Jeans (Remix).” This might also not be a song for the audience that is me. Also, boyfriend jeans, I know from working retail, are basically jeans that aren’t stretchy/tight and, like in this song, are usually rolled up and distressed. They sound like a nice idea but they are not the most becoming for most figures, honestly. So that’s mostly what I’m thinking about right now.

“Song Cries and Amens.” And fade.

–your fangirl heroine.



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