Whimsy Wednesday :: in which this show is suddenly a Nicholas Sparks novel and Chibi-Chibi breaks all the things.

29 Jun

Wow the Three Lights’ music kind of sucks.

A sick little girl is drawing a picture of someone who definitely doesn’t matter to the plot. Ami is friends with the sick little girl, whose name is Misa.

“It’s so complicated that there isn’t a doctor in Japan that can cure her.” Lol I see

WOW maybe if they didn’t want this they shouldn’t have signed up to go to high school.

Ami is so embarrassed Usagi is doing this. But Usagi is bringing Misa a… Taiki. She’s so excited, she’s blushing, that’s cute. That’s because she doesn’t know he’s a dick lol. She’s learning real quickly though.

WOW Taiki got mad that Usagi wanted him to give the sick little girl a nice surprise. DICK.

I like how in every episode he apparently has decided that he hasn’t been enough of an asshole, so he has to one-up himself.

All of the fucking Three Lights are horrible and I care negative amounts.

I think Taiki is the Bieber of the group, though.

The little girl has been drawing their mysterious princess from hearing their music. DUH DUH DUHHHHHHHHHHHHNNNNN

This episode is a stone-cold bummer

“How is that going to happen if you don’t believe in yourself?” uh, good surgeons.

Actual medical things are here. The doctor isn’t, though. The doctor… is met by Aluminum Siren dressed as a nurse though ooooooopppps

“A hospital is a sacred place… I am the sailor soldier who fights for love and intelligence.” Bless you Mercury bless you


The doctor just gave them a thumbs up

“Have you ever been to a candy kingdom?” lol

Chibi-Chibi is carrying around a possessed doll and eating Usagi’s snack foods. But they weren’t her snack foods they were … magic?

DUDE did you never learn not to eat stuff if you don’t know where it comes from????

IF NOTHING ELSE wouldn’t she have learned that from the adventures with the denizens of the Black Dream Hole?

“Good kids should use the crosswalk,” the cats say with signs.

I like the Sonic Sez PSA in the middle there, real classy

“Huh… that doll… it couldn’t be…” just get to the point y’all

“Come over to my place to play sometime!” NO

Chibi-Chibi is visiting the large mansion of someone called Kiriyama. Well, that’s their surname probably.

They’re in a fancy rich man’s house and he’s got no eyes or something and he’s the president of a “business group” and he’s friends with Chibi-Chibi?

And nobody is like “this is weird”

“They have the exact same air about them” ????

“Usagi, that doesn’t make any scientific sense.” GODS BLESS

“Old men who love little children” SAILOR MOON EXAMINE YOURSELF

“How pathetic of me to be thwarted by marbles!” I dunno, I thought it was pretty…marble-ous.


how20about20noChibi-Chibi breaks all the things. Is the plot of this episode.


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