Music Monday :: my thoughts on The Bride

27 Jun

“It’s not that weddings are inherently creepy, per se. It’s that, more than in many other momentous occasions, the same traditions and symbols that make a wedding lovely seem to have particularly dark counterparts. A beautiful wedding dress becomes a desiccated, dangerous fire hazard. Adoration becomes obsession. Promises to love forever become the tortured pursuit of ghosts. Weddings are ripe ground for storytellers, in other words: one ceremony, a hundred potential outcomes.

Latest to the lineup of artists inspired by the way betrothal can go very, very wrong is Natasha Khan, who performs as Bat For Lashes. Her new record, The Bride, is a concept album that follows the eponymous heroine from pre-wedding jitters immediately to widowhood, as her betrothed is killed on his way to the chapel to marry her.”

This is a very long NPR blurb but holy shit I’m ready.

“I Do.” Oh harps. Bat for Lashes is so weird I love it so much. This is sweetsy and thoughtful and. Yes.

“Joe’s Dream.” Oh this is. This just got gothic. “There’s a tear in my lover’s eyes.” “Through the promise of wedded lace.” “A body on a checkered floor.

“In God’s House.” Suddenly it’s the 80s. “Once I’ve seen fire” oh well then. OH NO. I’m trancey.

“Honeymooning Alone.” Now it’s like, grindhouse gothic. If that makes sense. Which I think might be my new favorite theoretical genre.

“Sunday Love.” Wait, the 80s pop sort of came back. “See her in blue eyes, numb and shining.” “I see her in every place I go.” Why do these goddamn albums have a way of sneaking up at the exact right/wrong moments? I am sitting here way too stupid emotional about things that don’t even have to do with this entirely. Wow.

“Never Forgive the Angels.” Well this is something and my emoting has continued.

“Close Encounters.” Can I just be spinning around in the dark drawing red hexes with my fingers? That sounds like the only emotionally accurate thing to be doing right now.

“Widow’s Peak.” Oh god this got creepy and full of talking and I’m freaked out and enchanted.

“Land’s End.” Oh this is creepy too. This is sort of like… it’s the chantiest kind of singing and it’s lovely.

“If I Knew.” God, Bat For Lashes. This is absurdly beautiful. “You’ve seen me walk through a veil of fire” STOP THOUGH

“I Will Love Again.” I was about to say I don’t know where this is coming from, my outpouring of whatever. I mean I kind of know. I wore my crown of black roses to work today because it seemed important. Also I’m just tired. But this is really pretty, anyway.

“In Your Bed.” Nostalgic melancholia, or something. “There’s a cyclone blowing through my head” yeah I get that feel “I just want to be in your arms instead” yuuuuup

“Clouds.” I’m trying to focus on this and just be calm and let it happen.

–your fangirl heroine.



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