Music Monday :: my thoughts on Into the Light

20 Jun

“Anderson calls Into The Light an imaginary soundtrack to a science-fiction western,” says NPR. Okay, I say.

“Into the Light.” Twang Western perfection yes. What a beautiful overture. This is lush.

“In Waves.” Is this an instrumental album? Oh gosh, it’s beautiful. I’m just going to swim in it awhile.

“Waltz of the Shadows.” Bathing. This is gorgeous and I want to soak it all up forever. Also dance by myself in my kitchen

“The Old Guard.” Oh my gooooood blues guitar dancing I am sorry these thoughts are so short but I’m so happy.

“He Is Without His Guns.” Such contemplation.

“Chimes.” Aw, and this is reflective and sweet.

“Resurrection.” Robert. Fucking. Rodriguez. Movies. Tarantino, too. That beautiful damn Southwestern Gothic vibe.

“House of the Setting Sun.” All of this. All of this forever I just.

“The Golden West.” I don’t have words because there aren’t words to comment on and I know nothing about writing instrumental music other than I can’t do it, but this is beautiful please listen to it. Also, Deadwood.

“End of the Night.” I feel really satisfied.

–your fangirl heroine.




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