Fashion Friday :: Westerosi influence on prom fashion (part 4)

17 Jun

Or formalwear. In general. This is the Neiman Marcus evening gowns section, in no order top 5 in the first half of pages.


This Sleeveless Column Gown W/Cutouts, Eggshell smacks of 3.07 Dany. In a more modern interpretation, but.


Here is a Floral Appliqué Caftan Gown, Soft Pink/Gold that is like… s5 Dany styling s2 Dany coloring.


This Strapless Bonded Lace High-Low Gown, Black/Nude is just… so Sansa s3 wedding dress? It’s not at all, but also…?


Oh look, a Beaded-Neck Sleeveless Flowy Silk Gown that’s the Westerosi halter… in dark blue with a criss-cross bodice.


A Cap-Sleeve Mermaid Gown, Sapphire to represent… the dearth of cap-sleeved blue dresses (sometimes with holes in them).

–your fangirl heroine.



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