Whimsy Wednesday :: in which Seiya is still a dick and a child Pokemon is running around.

15 Jun

Ominous footsteps?

“Don’t underestimate Minako Aino’s sources.”

Minako my dearest dork, this has kind of got to stop.

Honestly if the movie was actually called “Grown-Up Love is Shit,” I would see it.

So Usagi is going on a date with Seiya.  Why god why.

Telephones are stalking Nezu this is a problem.

Usagi does not seem thrilled with the notion that this is a date

BUT HERE IS HARUKA AND MICHIRU “only couples on a date and pigeons come to the ark on Sunday” AS THeY ARE IN THE PARK WEARING LITERALLY MATCHING BLOUSES

Also she called Usagi “little kitten” again.

“That hurt, Michiru.”
“Did it now?”
“Be more gentle.”
“Sure, when it’s just the two of us later.”


That was a hell of a landing, where she landed on her knee and then BOUNCED.

“You can’t have fun if you’re crying” THEN MAYBE SHE ISN’T HAVING FUN SEIYA JESUS

Is this assholery supposed to be cute and charming?


It really sucks that Usagi and Mamoru are fated to be together because Mamoru really is kind of a dick too. Here is the answer: Usagi has a girlfriend and Mamoru is her baby daddy.

“It might not be such a good idea to be alone with him in this room.” Poor Usagi.

“A gentleness different from Mamo’s” sure Jan


“Stop posing like you have all the time in the world!”


“You don’t know, do you? But I do.” Sailor Iron Mouse is about to wreck the game but that doesn’t work out.

Wow much drama

Galaxia is here to fuck Iron Mouse’s shit right up and take her bracelets, therefore disappearing her. “I, Galaxia, am master of the Milky Way.”

“Our true enemy – the one who destroyed our home.” EXPOSITION

Also, her knapsack.

No she really could possibly be.

“Everyone teases me that she’s our second child.” She has pink hair and buns and pigtails.

Descending from the sky is a tiny child holding an umbrella. Yup.

Anima Mates.

Sailor Aluminum Siren. I remember hearing that name when I was little and thinking it was hilarious.

“They are, after all, aliens.” Technically you’re all… at least reincarnations of aliens, Minako hon.

Oop Setsuna is here to be ominous!

The little girl’s umbrella flies away! Usagi runs for it, only to meet the child and deem her “kawaii.”


Chibi! Chibi? Chibi, Chibi! I also thought this was a hilarious concept when I was little.

Sailor Lead Crow. That’s lead as in pencil lead, not as in take the lead.

Oh my god Aluminum Siren and Lead Crow are fucking. Banter gays. Aluminum Siren is the ditsy bottoming one.

Surprise! It is a little girl! “Your precious little sister.” Her name is Chibi-Chibi. This literally means her name is Small-Small.

Because Chibi is the only word she knows.

Put that child back in her Pokeball

“She’s not a kitten, you know.” No, that’s you, Usagi.

Setsuna “was concerned, so [she] followed you here. To [her] knowledge, Small Lady is your only child.” She’s so ominous.

“She looks more like your daughter than your younger sister.”

“Let’s not keep secrets from one another.” NOT SKETCH AT ALL.

Why are Aluminum Siren and Lead Crow wearing such stupid hats

Yeah, they’re fucking

“You’re behaving too suspiciously!”


“My partner!” “You make us sound like a comedy duo!” NO YOU SOUND LIKE FUCKFRIENDS

Oh look. Sailor Cop is a robot. Are we surprised?

“A police officer doesn’t point his gun at law-abiding citizens!” lol

Ah, the 90s.

But also, they’re space aliens. They don’t know. They’re just operating on idealistic assumption.

Welp Chibi-Chibi has weird eyes.

–your fangirl heroines.



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