Music Monday :: my thoughts on case/lang/veirs

13 Jun

Neko Case is a goddess. Laura Veirs is cool from what I know of her. k.d. lang is legendary.

“Atomic Number.” “I’m not the freckled man, I’m not the fair-haired girl, I’m not a pail of milk for you to spoil” this is exactly everything I need oh my god lady harmonies twang. I expect I will not be articulate tonight. It’s not that kind of day.

“Honey and Smoke.” Oh my godddd 1960s harmonies oohing. This is ladygay perfection.

“Song for Judee.” I feel. So.

“Blue Fires.”  I’m lost in this. It’s beautiful. There is no articulation here.

“Delirium.” Twang gimme gimme. “I kissed you in the morning but only in my mind’s eye” I… can’t help but think of Scott Pilgrim oops… but this song is brilliant. This album feels so timeless already.

“Greens of June.” More twang god this is hot summer nights. So much. Why hasn’t this been in my life for years I need it always. But then,  I especially needed it today, so maybe that’s why.

“Behind the Armory.” God I’m lost it’s so much. Thank you goddesses of song.

“Best Kept Secret.” “You’re the best kept secret in Silver Lake” that’s such a nice thought this is so cute. Strings. All of these women have such distinct voices it’s so nice.

“1000 Miles Away.” This has segued into trancey ba-ba-baaas which sounds much more sheeplike than it actually is and I’m delighted.

“Supermoon.” Give me this twang and dark country give it. There’s a guitar and it’s just beautiful and I miss True Blood.

“I Want to Be Here.”There’s gospel! Sort of. “The things you make are so beautiful they bring me joy don’t you ever stop” oh gosh. Please?

“Down.” “Driving down I-5” ah yes good ol’ I-5 beautiful Pacific Northwest Neko Case. “Some are born to sweet delight and some are born to endless night, born to endless night but for now” I really really miss True Blood though. This is so pretty.

“Why Do We Fight.” God that was a sultry beginning. Then such dreamy harmonies. What a cool lady is k.d., what cool ladies arethe others too.

“Georgia Stars.” This feels like a song you’d sing around a campfire, but like, a really ladygay campfire. “Stars gone blue my Georgia I still love you” these harmonies are killing me.

–your fangirl heroine.



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