Music Monday :: my thoughts on Love You to Death

6 Jun

Tegan and Saraaaaaa my body is ready

“That Girl.” I think it’s really funny that when some artists (who are queer women)’s style evolves (but the quality stays) they’re “selling out” when other artists change over time it’s “experimenting with” something or something. This is my way of saying y’know, to hell with people who judge. Tegan and Sara make great music and I love the old stuff and I love the new stuff too and this is so nice and I like the soul of this.

“Faint of Heart.”  “Everyone will say it’s dangerous to take this path” oh oh this is so weird and I adore it so much and here’s the thing: queer women need this kind of lovely tightly harmonizing weirdo retro in our corner.

“Boyfriend.”  Like, this is just so synth and perfect. “You treat me like your boyfriend and treat me like your best friend” “I don’t wanna be your secret anymore” yesssssssss this is the music of my spirit. We deserve this.

“Dying to Know.” I’m lost in these loops of wonderful. “You’ve been on my mind again, I’ve been crying to all my friends” I love the thing of voices on that “you’ve.”

“Stop Desire.” I just. I’m stuck in this and I’m going to play it in my car 200000 times probably. This is perfect and everything important.

“White Knuckles.” I’m just so, “I cry wolf, howled it at the moon” what beautiful this is

“100x.” “I’ve been crazy thinking I was wrong like a fool holding on too long” oh the feelings of Tegan and Sara are intense because I relate to them so much more.

“BWU.” “All the girls I loved before told me they signed up for more” oh gosh

“U-Turn.” I’m going to memorize this so fast  this is catchy as hell and lovely.

“Hold On To The Night.” I am so happy this is making me so happy. It’s not even a happy album per se but I’m so happy and it’s so up.

–your fangirl heroine.



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