Whimsy Wednesday :: in which Taiki and Yaten are assholes and Luna is falling in love with people again and shoult stop.

1 Jun

I’m really liking this whole thing of Mamoru being in America and therefore not in the show.


I thought he named the comet a male name and it was his comet boyfriend and now I want an anime called Comet Boyfriend

Taiki has horrible hair!!!!!

“The universe is filled with dreams and romanticism.”  Taiki you’re rude. Ami is correct and Taiki is being a jerk

Hey Usagi all y’alls are dorks too don’t be so harsh.

Lol that picture is much more dapper than the teacher actually appears. Nezu is in for a disappointment.

I like this teacher, though. He’s real poetic and interesting and also diplomatic.

Weirdly, that makes me think of the time Stephen Hawking told some girl that there are an infinite number of universes and she’s probably married to Zayn Malik in one of them.

They’re really having an argument about the rain preventing them from seeing a comet. Taiki is being really… just a jerk.  Look Taiki, you or one of your friends I forget shouts GENTLE UTERUS at monsters. The stars could be made of dead people.

It’s so cute when Ami cares about things. She gets so worked up.

Why is he wearing his lab coat in his house?

As thought! Nezu is disappointed by the photograph not matching reality.  But not for long!

“Sailor Teacher, educate that girl!”

These monsters are so absurd why does he have a big 100 on his face and also his jacket?

Also I dunno why but he reminds me of the Creeper from New Batman Adventures.

“The desire to seek dreams and romanticism is the energy that drives us as human beings!” Oh Ami.

“Sit at your desk! Take out your textbook! Open your workbook!”

GENTLE UTERUS is not any less funny than it was last week

Also that was neither gentle nor resembling a uterus.

“What difference does a second make?” um, actually a lot when it comes to a comet lol

Luna is missing!  And… now she’s on television with Yaten???

“That’s definitely her!” Yes……not many cats have a MOON ON THEIR FOREHEAD

“Besides, it’s better to be in love with a boy.” Says Usagi and nobody else ever.


Wow Yaten you’re a dick tooooo

So all of this happened because Yaten signed up for an appearance on a television show about pets and needed a pet.


Oh my god Minako has a nosebleed

“Humans can’t turn into cats.” But cats can occasionally turn into humans!

Luna stop falling in love with people.  Stop.

But you can trust the human beings in other worlds?


Her Himalayan cat is a heterochromia cat!

Luna is learning Yaten’s secret! Really vaguely.

“My entire day’s been going in the wrong direction!”

Sailor Iron Mouse did you really think you would be able to get this transaction happening without them showing up.

“That’s indecent!”

“Awesome even without clothes!”

“Actually, I think we’re about average for high-school girls.”

“I wasn’t stalking you!”

‘I hope Yaten finds that person soon…” I don’t, he’s a huge asshole

–your fangirl heroines.


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