Music Monday :: my thoughts on Fall Forever

30 May

One: if Fear of Men was just the guys and not the female singer I wouldn’t be listening to this, probably.

“Vesta.” “I want to feel the world with you” ? is that what she just sang because I hope so because that’s nice. Her voice reminds me of, what’s her name, it’s this girl I’ve heard a lot of on 8tracks who sings a bunch of songs about A Song of Ice and Fire. Kar…line? Something? I like how wistful this is.

“Undine.”  But this got a bit more rock and roll and that’s nice too! This sounds like some of the girls I used to hear songs by on this podcast of lady artists I used to listen to that I forget the name of but remember distinctly.

“Island.” Stretch Princess. I’m thinking about Stretch Princess, too.

“A Memory.” I don’t know, I’m spacing out a bit because this is very just clear and pure and nice. So far we haven’t achieved the dreaminess of the intro track again, but it’s a different kind of nice.

“Until You.” As I say often, this is also reminding me of someone else I can’t place. “I feel the same dread I always did.”

“Ruins.” Oh here’s dreaminess. And drums? And then stereo reverb contemplation noises and vocalizations that remind me of Enya tracks but in a good way.

“Trauma.” And this? This is like… straight back into 1960s Britpop.  This is my aesthetic? “There’s nothing to keep me here” except this adorableness.

“Erase (Aubade).” Aubade: “1 : a song or poem greeting the dawn. 2 a : a morning love song b : a song or poem of lovers parting at dawn. 3 : morning music — compare nocturne.” Quoth Merriam-Webster.  “I erase his things… I don’t need to hurt you this time” oh gosh that’s nice.  “I don’t need what you left behind.”

“Sane.” Oh this one has more of the like, abstractly dark-spacey ambience.  Well, this is lovely.

“Onsra.” Onsra: “Pronounced: uhns•’rah Origin: Boro language of India Definition: n., the bittersweet feeling that occurs in those who know their love won’t last.” Quoth Reader’s Digest. Why is this under their funny stuff subheading? This isn’t funny at all! The song is nice, though.

–your fangirl heroine.



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