Whimsy Wednesday :: in which Minako gets terrible advice from a photographer and someone let the boyband do an 80s musical.

25 May

Using sailor communicators for creppy stalky voyeurism isn’t great, sillies.

Wow, Minako.  Wow.

“If I’m with them round the clock as their assistant, love with grow naturally!” Or they’ll walk all over you.

You don’t even know they like teenage girls Minako

“That’s why we’re posing as pop stars.”


Why did you circle her picture like it was a catalogue and you wanted to buy her?

Because obviously, Sailor Iron Mouse actually does want to buy people.  For harvesting of their ~star seeds.

This has become no less hilarious/disgusting.

“She has a bad vibe.”  Welll

Is it Saturday?  I think it must be Saturday, or else they’re just skippers.

I mean, that’s not out of the realm of possibility.

Usagi crying about not getting to eat at a reasonable time is me

“You can’t count on flashiness or admiration,” Saki says to Minako after Minako complains.  This seems… not entirely matching with what I know of fandom tbh.


Why did Saki’s star seed flower out of her cleavage

“I am the Pretty Guardian who ate a rice ball and is now at full power.”


Sailor Gekisha is like a sexy Ninja Turtle slash tadpole.

No no, she’s a tutant meenage neetle teetle!

Star Sensitive Inferno!

These are certainly some 1980s outfits they’re working with.


The other Lights are not being very nice.

I like that Rei keeps appearing out of nowhere to creep on them, though.  That’s hilarious.

Are they putting on…. Flashdance?

“She bitches about every little thing! She has it out for me!” Well, she is being complaining-y without really giving concrete answers, that’s frustrating.

Sister Angela?  Is this supposed to be meaningful, Rei?  Oh, because Rei goes to Catholic school  She recognizes the lady.

Incidentally, her name is Nezu because “nezumi” means mouse.

Why would the school get mad at a nun for moonlighting as a stage director?

“I do.  Far away across the ocean,” Usagi describes her boyfriend. “Then I have a chance,” Seiya says.  No, stop.

Why is he the worst?

He really has terrible hair, too.  They all do.

Ooookay!  So the Star Lights’ transformation… feminizes them.  Okay then!

“You don’t understand the pain we’ve endured… the sadness of staying alive after leaving our home world behind.”  But Mars and Moon are going to heal the phage whether Sailor Star Fighter likes it or not.

So they’re like sexy Time Lords…okay…

Everyone on this show needs to practice their hair-related detecting skills.

–your fangirl heroines.



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