Music Monday :: my thoughts on Wistful

16 May

This is Swedish lady metal.

“Delusions.”  This is a song that is 10 minutes long.  “Unaware of what the future brings.”  So far this doesn’t sound terribly metal, at least consistently.  Beautiful.

“Earthbound.”  Oh there’s the metal and the shrieking.  I don’t care.  There’s still beautiful Apocalyptica to this.  That’s pretty much what this is.

“A Ghost Trapped in Limbo.”  This is very… I don’t know.  It’s got a little Evanescence to it but I’m taking it seriously?  It’s interesting enough.  This just sounds like the 2000s and I’m fine with it right now.  It’s good for spacing out to.

“Saudade.”  This sounds so much like… god, I can’t place it, but it’s on a lot of fanmixes.  Stars?  Possibly?   It’s not bad though.  It’s an interesting contemplative vibe.

“In the Wake of Moments Passed By.”  More scream.  That would hurt throats to do, I feel like.  That’s what I always think when I hear that.  Not that I’m not fond of having a good scream sometimes, but mine is more “girl on the street in a monster movie” than “metal rage.”

“Like a Moth To A Flame.”  All of these songs are long.  I dig it.

“Wistful.”  I’m spacing out so much but this is all right.

–your fangirl heroine.



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