Fashion Friday :: Westerosi influence on wedding style (part 3)

13 May

I’m not even talking about the Civil War reenactment tragedy that we’re just not going to speak of anymore, but Sansa’s (Sophie Turner) season 3 wedding dress has had influences.


And its back.

sansa 2

This Petite Lace Tulle Wedding Dress… it isn’t exactly.  But the pattern of the lace, the arches at the hips… there’s something there.

sansa 1

The tone of this Brocade Wedding Dress with Pockets is insanely… yeah.

sansa 3

Again, not quite, but this Cap Sleeve Mikado Wedding Dress is… reminiscent.  I think it’s the heavy fabric that’s doing it for me.  Sansa has the most “princess” dresses (and ironically is the reason I roll my eyes every time someone on Say Yes says they want a princess wedding).

sansa 4

Those hips though.  This Quarter Sleeved Lace Wedding Dress takes another element.

sansa 5

And look at that neckline detail on this Off the Shoulder Tulle Wedding Dress I mean.

All of these have been by the same designer, I feel I should mention, and there are less… obvious influences throughout the collection too.

–your fangirl heroine.




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