Music Monday :: my thoughts on Beyond the Bloodhounds

9 May

Adia Victoria, hello.  You seem cool.  Quoting the review I found this on, “that bluesy afro punk singer-songwriter stuff.”

“Lonely Avenue.”  Oh, her voice is so cool and this is basically a capella and that’s so brilliant.

“Dead Eyes.”  I feel like there’s a touch of, like.  The vampire band in From Dusk Till Dawn, except there’s also a really sultry snarky girl voice over top.  This is something I’m very into.

“Out of Love.”  This is just such a weird mix of a million things that I’m madly into it.  She’s really cool this is really cool.  I want to hear this on vinyl.  Or at least on proper speakers.  It’s kind of beautiful.  “I am so out of love with everyone.

“Mortimer’s Blues.”  And this sounds like a darker version of the songs that play on the radio in movies about the 1950s while you drive in cars.  There’s an overall just very… Southern feeling to this.  Which I do mean in a good way.  Like, a Tarantino/Rodriguez way.  It’s really highly aesthetic and cool.

“Sea of Sand.”  Also, Wikipedia says this: “She is known for her ‘gothic country music.'”  My jam.  She’s really just making interesting music and she could “he cut my wings and he held me down, and then he shoved my face into the ground” bird metaphors dammit gosh you’re hitting my buttons friend, anyway.

“And Then You Die.”  She could “these are things I wish my mother would have told me, all I ever really wanted was her story” oh my god, she could be “little girl you gotta dream beyond the bloodhounds” one of the baby Sand Snakes but older she’s got the attitude how beautiful.  Oh god this became a From Dusk Till Dawn jam halfway through I want blues dancing that goes into hardcore punk swing.

“Howlin’ Shame.”  Well this makes me long for my beautiful pre-fallacy True Blood.  This is exactly that kind of feeling.  Also blues dancing again.  I kind of miss good blues dancing, even though honestly of the times I went I had maybe six good partners total.  “She ran them all off with her get-back stare.”

“Horrible Weather.”  I am 100% into this and will buy it at the next possible opportunity.  This is so moody and weird and I love it.

“Head Rot.”  This is ricocheting between all the most beautiful types of Southern things I love.  There’s the twang and the darkness and the morbidity and the guitar, the guitar like being in a bar at midnight.

“Invisible Hands.”  There are also shades of Jack White-y business here, and that’s cool because not a lot of ladies do that kind of weird.  Also just because it’s cool.  She keeps whispering things and it’s delicious.  Also, piano.

“Stuck in the South.”  This is so deliciously Death Proof.  Also it feels very disenfranchised, I’m not even sure why I feel that way but I do and it’s a compliment.

“Mexico Blues.”  This is a very successful random outing.

–your fangirl heroine.



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