Music Monday :: my thoughts on Bright Star

2 May

I’m going to try a thing where, in an effort to get back in touch with my Broadway thing, I’m going to listen to cast albums every time NPR puts them up.  This is Bright Star, by Steve Martin and Edie Brickell, and it’s bluegrass so I’m willing to give it a try even though the blurbs sound… rather heterosexual.

As in the style of my Hamilton listen months ago, I’m just going to comment when there’s something to say.

Well, at least it’s POV a female character.

I really hope the dead mom in the second song is not the same woman singing the first song.  That would be less nice.  This is also one of those musicals, apparently, where the lyrics occasionally narrate the action (“let’s go [over there] and lay a rose upon her grave“).

Oh look, a title song.

I’m a smart guy, and I know” that I care so little.  “Someone will put you on a pedestal, someone will tell you you’re incredible.”  But not you????  “Somebody’s gonna buzz around me like a buzzing bumblebee” yikes that’s some “People Will Say We’re In Love” but meet-cute bullshit I’m not.

Where, where, where you been? You shoulda been helpin’ in the kitchen… you’re the black sheep, a little lost lamb, should have raised you with a firmer hand…” okay, so what I’m getting is that the female protagonist is stubborn, rebellious, and she’s over it, meanwhile everyone is going to chastise her in a way that makes me uncomfortable.  “Swear I’m gonna have to rein you in.”  Yikes.

A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do…. a well-bred wife…” wow, I’m so turned off by this although I’m not sure it’s not meant as a social criticism?? “You can’t expect the future to be just like the past.” Well, that’s a better thought, younger man.  I’m still not into this.

It’s not bad.  It’s just… not my thing, plotwise.

If you’re like your daddy, all the girls will be chasing you” NOPE

She has to give up her bastard son what the fuck is this Westeros is this the Tower of Joy

What a man’s gotta do is take someone’s bastard son away? I’m so??

I’ve heard of evil in the world, but you and I are flesh and blood, he was just a baby, he was my son” DID EVIL GRANDDAD KILL THE BASTARD SON

How did we go from a dead baby to a jiving ode to alcohol?

I think they lost me.  I like the instrumentation well enough but I just.  Don’t care.

This has had like four finales.

–your fangirl heroine.






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