Sarcastic Saturday :: 5 pieces of advice for managers

30 Apr

This is a common-sense list.

5. Managers should not espouse personal beliefs constantly.
Particularly about topics that fall under that sex-religion-politics general umbrella.  Expressing strong personal beliefs one way or another about these topics can make employees feel very uncomfortable if their opinions differ, which can lead to a tense workplace.

4. Managers should not have any personal bias toward or against their team members.
If there is a company policy, it should be upheld equally, not just where some employees are concerned.  All employees should be expected to do the same amount of work and get away with the same kind of behavior.

3. Managers should not assign or raise wages based on arbitrary characteristics or guidelines, or in the interest of the company rather than the employees.
There are some pretty straightforward rules and/or guidelines about how to work payment in companies and also just in general.  Paying some workers more than others for doing the same job is generally not acceptable, barring things like experience in or out of the company.  The minimum wage exists in an attempt to ensure that workers are paid a living wage, and trying to weasel out of paying that wage by creating a system based on how productive employees are is illegal as well as immoral (particularly because new employees will not be able to meet the standard of production that would earn them the minimum wage immediately).

2. Managers should respond to conflict, both business-related and interpersonal, in a professional manner and not immaturely.
In short: don’t he-said-she-said or spread rumors, don’t pit employees against each other in any way, don’t behave passive-aggressively.

1. Managers should make the effort to show their team members that they are working just as hard, if not harder, than them, even if they aren’t doing the exact same duties.
This is fairly self-explanatory, but if your team feels like you’re not working, or if they think you’re hiding in your office avoiding work, it will hurt morale and make them feel like you aren’t as committed as you should be.

–your fangirl heroines.



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