Fashion Friday :: Westerosi influence on wedding fashion, part one

29 Apr

As I’ve before said, I watch a lot of wedding dress shows.  I don’t actually care about weddings, particularly, but I like dresses.  And one of my mom and I’s favorite games is “spot the Game of Thrones dress.”  Now, the actual Kleinfeld’s website, for example, is terrifying, couture, and massive, so I’m going to illustrate my point with David’s Bridal.


Tonight, wedding dresses a la Margaery Tyrell.  The following are by no means the only dresses reflective of this (subtler versions of elements are found throughout) but are some good examples of what constitutes the style.


This Flower Lace V-Neck Wedding Dress with Empire Waist, while not alike in every way, has a particular shape to the open back.  Note the almost pointed top, how wide open it is.


The Illusion Deep Plunge Neckline Lace Trumpet Gown differs a bit in that Margaery’s wedding dress was not so much a trumpet as a gown with a long, long train, but the general effect – cap sleeves, open back, low neck, long train – is very reminiscent.


So the shape is a little off and the neckline is a little high, but this Melissa Sweet 3D Cap Sleeve Wedding Dress has a train covered in three-dimensional flowers.


And there’s always the formal dresses inspired by Margaery’s other styles, specifically the s3 blue and gold.


This Two Piece Beaded Prom Crop Top with Tulle Skirt dress would not exist if it was not for Margaery Tyrell.  I can say this with surety.  It’s not the same shape, but it’s gold and blue and crop top and I’m kind of convinced the entire crop top dress trend is sort of Margaery’s fault a little bit?


This Cap Sleeve Chiffon Prom Dress with Beaded Cutouts is entirely different colors but there are some telltale side cutouts.

–your fangirl heroine.



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