Music Monday :: my thoughts on Midnight Machines

25 Apr

“Up We Go.”  Somehow I was expecting something more electronic and it’s singer-songwriter right now but it’s pretty.  “Everyone here is ready to go, it’s been a hard year, nothing to show from down this road, it’s only on we go” oh dear.  I’m.

“Same Sea.”  Well this is beautiful and I’m a bit sad.  I’m already in a bit of a mood tonight, honestly, it was a weird afternoon but this is just so.

“Follow You Down.”  Oh, this has a Julia Stone sort of thing to it and that’s nice.  But her voice isn’t quite like that, it’s clearer a bit.  “When the darkness comes, surrounds you in your sleep, swallows up the sound of what chased you to the deep” HARMONIES OH MY GOD.  I’m not sure this was the best thing to listen to tonight because it’s very feelings but it’s really lovely.  Or if two flames go out then they stay the same” owwwwwwwwww.

“Meteorites.”  Well, this is going to go well.  “We are gonna see greater heights” “you’ve been breathing fire in your sleep” ugh vocalizations so much I feel a lot.

“Don’t Go Home Without Me.”  This is really sweet and emotional and I’m sure there’s a good use for it.  “And when you call me I’ll be right down and we’ll go out in style” OH NO I JUST.  “Oh, it’s amazing that you’re here” NOPE this is beautiful.

“Running With the Boys.”  I admit, I’m wary of this title, because… I am.  But so far this is cute.  “Suspicion wasn’t in my head, it was only underneath the beds”  “singing every song, loving every line till the night is gone just like the old times” this is sweet.

“Head Cold.”  There’s just a hint of Deadwood twang to this backgroundwise too, and that makes me happy.  Happy is good.  This isn’t a particularly happy song but it’s pretty and that’s good enough for me right now.

“Muscle Memory.”  More Julia Stone, yes.  “When I am alone I see you in the dark talking to the empty like you were with me” oh no that’s pretty and also devastating.  This is lovely.

–your fangirl heroine.



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