Music Monday :: my thoughts on Without Shame

18 Apr

This is short but I’m in a mood and short suits me fine.  Hi, Wolkoff.  I don’t know who you are but this sounds okay.

“While You Still Can.”  This is pleasantly electropop, as promised, and that’s good for zoning out for me.  Folk/etc. can drag me in way too far, but this is like… it’s the kind of thing that just lets me relax.  Which doesn’t make a lot of sense, but there you are.

“The Homecoming.”  “We were made for more” you have my attention ma’am.  Oh my god she just did some cool twisty things with her words and I like it a lot, “I found you in the dead of night, oh, I found you in the dead of night.

“The Rules You Know.”  “Still I’d rather die than not go toe to toe with you.”  This entire song oh my god this is beautiful and I feel like it’s about… everything?  That I care about?  “Fight against the flow, this takedown’s on the ” something?  I’m not sure what the takedown’s on the of, but I feel that.

“Fur Rabbits.”  “No getting round these traps you lay so hot around the collar” there is a lot of really cute patter to this and I’m really good for it.  “Think about yours, ’cause I’mma get mine now, think about…

“Legends & Pariahs.”  All of this.  I’m so into all of this.  It’s got so many nice uses.  It’s going fast enough and my brain is going slow enough that I’m not 100% on what the lyrics are but I get the general vibe and it’s nice.

“Feels Like.”  And it’s ending so damn cute?  “Sounds like a voice you just can’t quite ignore.”

–your fangirl heroine.



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