Whimsy Wednesday :: in which Nehelenia is very similar to a Disney villain, there are uncomfortable displays of affection, and we all have to clap if we believe

13 Apr

Such evil laughter.  Such rose clutching.  Such ineffectively nursing cats.

“A long, long time ago, I remember hearing a story about a sorceress sealed away in the new moon,” says Luna.  Why did you not mention this until now Luna

A flashback to the Amazonesses running through what may actually be a jungle.  “Good afternoon, girls,” says the mirror they totally unsuspiciously found in a lake.  The story of how they wind up working for Nehelenia is beginning to unfold.

“Your delightful laughter awakened me after a long sleep” TOTALLY NOT CREEPY

Nehelenia oh my god stop torturing the ten year old.

“Now come!  To me!”  That was some really weird pausing Nehelenia.  You’re not a nice lady.

Oh that is a pissed-off pony.  Also, I’m just.  The aesthetic of human Helios still having a horn is weird.

As Mercury sciences the Dead Moon’s lair.

“I’m going to make this place your grave!” Zirconia cackles.

“I will never be yours,” says Helios.  “Are you saying you do not wish to serve someone as beautiful as I?” Nehelenia asks menacingly.  I’m pretty sure that is literally exactly what he just said.


I have some Lion King jokes but I’m not making them

Zirconia that was the stupidest evil laugh

Mercury is gonna SCIENCE the illusions to find the real Zirconia amongst the fakes and ATTACK

“Grandma’s getting her butt kicked”

“What’s happening?  Is she turning on them?”  They’re getting the power drained out of them by electric bondage spiderwebs what do you think

All of the girls are so heartbroken.  “You tricked us all along?!”

AND SAILOR MOON IS GOING TO SAVE THEM.  Or at least try.  Mercury has scienced that it’s the orbs’ fault and implored them to destroy them.  But if they destroy them they’ll become adults but Sailor Moon is telling them that even adults have dreams and it’s emotional you can tell by the music

Cere-Cere is telling a flower fortune to decide whether or not to break their orbs and they’re all going to do it I’m so

I don’t know why I always get schmoopy about the midlevel villains turning good on this show but I do

Because sleeping forever is definitely also humiliating?

Nehelenia emerges from the mirror and in doing eviscerates Zirconia??????????

Nehelenia looks really bored with everything for someone who’s declared herself queen of the whole world.

I also enjoy that most villains in this canon seem to have the villainous plan of… making the Earth go completely still in one capacity or another.

“So many circus tents…”

“I am the most powerful and beautiful being in this world.”  But your dark heart makes you ugly, or something.

Meanwhile the Amazoness Quartet are all watching, plotting ways to stop Nehelenia with whatever little bit of magic they all have remaining.

I really like how this conversation is all exposition.

Oh, snap, Sailor Planet Attack.  It’s serious now.

Except that did nothing to stop Nehelenia.  In fact it just made her giggle.

AH SO.  Nehelenia also has designs on Prince Endymion, perhaps. ????  He’s now being talked to by a spiritual presence of Helios, but the imaginary temple is being covered in black roses.  Sure your buddy’s not coming back for you sir?

Helios is praying him into teleporting?????????


Also, Helios, it’s really weird to get on your knees and give flowers to the man you might intend to call father-in-law if you get your way in courting the ten year old.

Why does the Endymion outfit look like it involves an underbust corset

“This is the last of all the dream power I have left” and I’m going to kiss it into the ten year old


“I never thought you’d break my curse” maybe don’t…curse people maybe just kill them next time just sayin’

Gods flipping bless the Amazonesses swapping the Golden Crystal for a pineapple and gymnasticsing the real one to the senshi

Mercury and Mars sure are holding each other up through all of this battle

Why is Nehelenia sitting on a giant jade elephant


I was literally just saying that


Clap your hands if you believe, everyone

A piano solo over the montage of shots of the people of Tokyo that we have previously known chanting with no pupils to help fuel the Golden Crystal look it’s everyone

This is literally the end of Doctor Who series 3 lol

It is not considered one of the better series finales

I also love that they always fight evil with bright lights and rainbows and beauty and happiness and it always works tbh this show might be some of why I’m at my heart an accidental optimist.

Only one left in the season so we’re just watching three tonight.  Here it is, the s4 finale.

All the circuses are exploding.  Because of dreams.

The senshi are laid out in the rubble but wait still drama for Nehelenia has Chibi Moon’s body in her arms and disappears as the destroyed final circus starts to hover back into the sky.

Better jump on it!

Up the spiral staircase up the spiral staircase up the spiral staircase???? The spiral staircase without a railing?  What is this, The Hobbit?

“So… is this what I’ve become?” No Nehelenia you are a lizard

Nehelenia’s court is weirdly Regency.

This entire thing happened because Nehelenia was afraid of getting old.  Good job.

Stealing dream mirrors from her courtiers made them all into circus folk and Nehelenia “devoured the dreams of every one of my retainers and subjects.”  This led to immortal beauty and “liv[ing] my life among the corpses” good times that.

So, it’s kind of like if the Beast was more of a dick. Or if Mother Gothel had stolen more kids than just Rapunzel.

Both good analogies.

Chibi Moon has literally been thrown into an abyss???

Go ahead and exposition-dump more, Nehelenia.  OR BE INTERRUPTED BY SAILOR MOON SWAN-DIVING OFF A COMET.

Nehelenia goes back into the mirror and ascends once more into the new moon to live forever alone and beautiful.  Vanity is fucking weird.

Swan-diving in her Princess Serenity dress is somehow more… aerodynamic??? I’m not sure exactly of that logic but she has caught her daughter and they are now soaring together.

“She’s calling me… my young lady is calling me….” NOPE THO

He… gave them wings????

With which to hover onto a bridge???

Okay.  Kissing her hand is fine.  That’s better than her mouth.

Everyone else needs to stop spying on her.  Even if this is weird.

“If it’s meant to be, maybe we’ll meet again,” says Ves-Ves, watching Pegasus/Helios soar away with her sisters from the bushes.  Like hilarious creeps.  But in a charming way, sorta.

–your fangirl heroines.



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