Music Monday :: my thoughts on Love Letter For Fire

11 Apr

I like Jesca Hoop.  I like Iron & Wine and therefore I suppose I like Sam Beam.  This should work out.

“Welcome to Feeling.”  Ooh.  A very Pines-y sort of opening.  Those strings though.  And suddenly it sounds like hallelujah.

“One Way to Pray.”  Okay, the description (and also what I know of Jesca Hoop) sort of made me believe that this was going to be a little more Bitter Ruin.  This is closer to the Civil Wars so far (which makes more sense re: Iron & Wine), but I miss them, so that’s fine.

“Lamb You Lost.”  “And I am born to love you” gosh this is pretty.  This is folksy as hell, actually.  I’m into it.

“We Two Are a Moon.”  “This song is a love letter to toss into the fire.”  There’s the title of the album, I suppose. Guitar guitar oh it’s doing things. 

“Midas Tongue.”  Oh, here’s some more that feels like Iron & Wine stuff but with a girl also so that makes it better.  “Heaven isn’t always kind” mmm gosh.

“Know That the Wild Wants You.”  I’m not even sure what I’m thinking.  This is really calming in a strange way, a pretty way, and I’d like to stay there awhile.

“Every Songbird Says.”  This is a conversation and I’m interested and it’s whimsical.  “Ooh it’s enough to be walking with you.”  I’d like to stay here.  I have a bit of a fun hangover today, so calm is nice.

“Bright Lights and Goodbyes.”  This is a weird slightly melancholy lullaby and harmonies are nice and soothing.

“Kiss Me Quick.”  Articulation is not my strong suit this evening, I admit.  This is really pleasant to the ear, though.

“Chalk It Up To Chi.”  This is the perfect mix of what these two artists’ other careers are.  This sounds much more like Jesca Hoop solo stuff than the rest has.  The rest is really nice too but this is the weird I was looking for.

“Valley Clouds.”  Back to something Civil Warsesque here.  “Into the wind it’ll baptize your skin till your music is tender” is that what they said it’s lovely.  Sang.

“Soft Place to Land.”  This is very… thoughtful.  That’s a good word for it.

“Sailor to Siren.”  “This tenderness comes as a surprise” but such a nice one, guys.

–your fangirl heroine.


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