Music Monday :: my thoughts on Empire Builder

4 Apr

Well, this is nice.  Laura Gibson is always someone I forget about but I really like when I remember.

“The Cause.”  She’s a Portlander now!  I feel even fonder of her.  “You belong to us, you belong to the cause” but it doesn’t sound creepy?  This sort of grooves in a retro way, actually.  I’m pleased with it.

“Damn Sure.”  This starts out with some sweet Kimya Dawsonish strumming.  I’m good with that.  “Caught in the eye of a blue-eyed storm.”  Gosh.

“Not Harmless.”  Oh, I really like the way this sounds.  This feels badass, but still, I don’t know, soulful.  I can see this being something I put on repeat when I’m in certain moods.

“Empire Builder.”  “I am no less bound to you than when I crossed into your silence” good grief that’s beautiful this is beautiful in a contemplative slow melancholy but not despondent kind of way.

“Five And Thirty.”  “Dragging our futures behind us till they’re too heavy to hold” oh goodness.  Here’s the melancholy.  “Here we find ourselves over our heads” wow this.  Suddenly got Mirel Wagnerishly devastating, but in a lovely way.

“The Search For Dark Lake.”  Rather like some of her older stuff, thoughtful and restrained but grand and not particularly cheery but evocative.

“Two Kids.”  Oh, if this isn’t precious and sixties.  “If we’re gonna die young, we’re gonna die with a love song in our mouths.”  That’s gorgeous.  In a weird bittersweet kind of way, but it’s poetic, at least.

“Louis.”  “Should we give up the hunt, become the hunted ones instead.”  We’re back to the guitar trills, the strummy quality, and it’s lovely.

“Caldera, Oregon.”  “But I will be gone, I will be gone by then,” oh that’s.  I’m a bit emotional about this. It’s lovely.  “I wrote the state motto on my wrist” now  I’m thinking about my big sister-friend because she literally does have the Oregon state motto tattooed on her wrist and that’s lovely.  This is lovely.

“The Last One.”  Another round of what sounds like nostalgic late 1950s slow dances at a high school formal.  “Oh here we are, here we are, here we are, dear, are we near to the end” she’s skipping from word to word and it’s so whimsical in its way.

–your fangirl heroine.



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