Whimsy Wednesday :: in which there is too much uncomfortable interspecies romance and also a house of mirrors.

30 Mar

This also works because circuses are inherently kinda freaky, so it’s easy to make things about them freaky.

It glows blue when hosts are near~

“Is that girl the one?” NO FUCKING SHIT

I will say this though.  Although the mystery they’re trying to find is usually obvious before they even say they’re trying to find it, the show still remains compelling.


Now she’s trapped inside another mirror thing and shit’s going down.  You can tell because of the really serious music.  And Zirconia’s terrible laughter.

Time for the Nehelenia exposition episode!

“Why is this tent so huge?”  Because it’s an evil lair guys.  Where would you be without Mercury sciencing the directions and Mars sensing evil up ahead?



Look, Chibi-Usa, I understand it’s really hard that your last girlfriend got reborn as a baby and doesn’t live here right now, but that’s no reason to fall in love with a horse person.

“Is it really you?” oh I don’t know, maybe the giant horn on his head might give it away

“A young girl like you who’s lived in the light her entire life could never understand how I feel  Once upon a time…”  As Nehelenia explains the reason for her bitterness.

The Queen of Darkness watched the Silver Millennium and wanted to make it her own.  She could do this with the power of the Golden Crystal and then also rule the universe!  This is backed, by the way, with melancholic violins that I guess are supposed to make us feel sorry for the Queen of Darkness but uh lol. I don’t.

And then the Queen of Darkness wanted Helios, who had control of the stone.  She proposed that they rule the world together (“rule the world”?) and he told her that she couldn’t have it if she didn’t have a beautiful dream.  “If you do not [have a beautiful dream], you will be punished for possessing an evil heart.”  The Queen of Darkness did not prevail, but was sealed away in the New Moon until she could break out and wreak havoc.

“Exactly.  My grudge is with those of the White Moon.”  Except it’s actually not?  Because the Golden Crystal, which was possessed by Helios, is what judged her unworthy, and Queen Serenity just acted on this judgment.

The Amazonesses are all miffed they can’t play with Pegasus.  Ves-Ves made a Peeking Orb, though.  They’re now going to replace Chibi Moon’s body with a large rag doll???  Because they want to play around?????  They’re so insane I love them.

Also, Peeking Orb sounds…off to me.


“What are these mirrors?”  “It’s like a house of mirrors.”  Again, no shit?

And the mirrors are hypnotizing them with tempting visions of what could be.  Mako could be more feminine?//

“Isn’t it wonderful.” no actually that dress is fucking ugly

Ah good times, these final temptations.  Always a delightful motif.

Sailor Moon’s motivational speech rouses the others from their trance and then she whips out some old-fashioned Moon Tiara Action that’s always delightful.  Attack montage!!!

“How dare you try to trick us with that deception!”  I love when they say things that are dramatically redundant.

I also love that the Amazonesses are trying to ride the hologram Pegasus.

“You’ve got some kind of attitude.”

That’s not a leash, that’s a bridle.

To be fair, they’re… children with a limited worldview lol.

“We didn’t start this fire.” And now I have that Billy Joel (?) song stuck in my head haha

Always anti-dramatic, that.

Chibi Moon is now wrenching the magical bridle from Pegasus and the fact that she ran through the fire to save her friend the flying horse astounds the Amazonesses. Perhaps they realize there is more to… something?

Now they’re all half-stuck in mirrors, cranky and pouting.  Like children that they are.

“That little one who they call Chibi Moon… we’re stronger than her, but don’t you get the feeling she’s beating us?”  A revelation is beginning to strike them.

–your fangirl heroines.


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