Music Monday :: my thoughts on Welcome the Worms

28 Mar

This is apparently positive but not chipper. I’m up for this.  It sounds useful. I don’t know who Bleached are, as a band, but okay.

“Keep On Keepin’ On.”  This… reminds me of the Clash at Demonhead.  It’s probably the “uh huh” but I’m up for that.  This sounds also like the 90s.  And… shit, who am I thinking of, I’m thinking of something, it’ll come to me.  I dunno.  I like this well enough though!

“Trying to Lose Myself Again.”  California.  This has a California vibe, too.  Also, I like that there’s “trying to lose myself again” and then “trying to find myself again” sometimes too.  That’s a nice balance.

“Sleepwalking.”  There’s like, a tiny bit of Sleater-Kinney in here? But not that much.  I’m definitely getting some of that, though.  “It’s really too bad to feel like walking dead but now my eyes are open wide.”  Gosh I like this so much.

“Wednesday Night Melody.”  This is… this sounds like… god what does it sound like that I’m thinking of.  I like this a lot, though, it’s really.  Stretch Princess?  A little?  Anyway.  That’s not what I was thinking of but can’t place, but it’s important too.

“Wasted On You.”  “I can’t keep wasting my emotions on youuuu, getting high off the drug that I call youuuuu.”  Good!  Good.  Oh this is so good.

“Chemical Air.”  Oh, oh.  Chemicals make songs ! in my book.  The Like, maybe?  Like, old-school three-piece the Like?  I could see that.

“Sour Candy.”  “Never really was the talking type.”  Idk, probably a little Runaways in here too.  “I’ve been giving in into giving up up to nothing good trying to kill time, you’ve been missing out out on everything everything is passing you by” I like lyrical progressions like that, I dunno, I just do.  They feel clever.

“Desolate Town.”  Oh my god here’s that Clash at Demonhead again.  I’m into this.  They might have been assholes but I do like their music, the Clash at Demonhead.  Bleached seem less like assholes.  “Choked on a daydream, why am I not [surprised??]” that’s nice.

“I’m All Over the Place (Mystic Mama).”  There’s something nice about this, also the mention of rose-colored glasses that’s nice too, I’m into the aesthetic of this.

“Hollywood, We Did It All Wrong.”  CUTE HARMONIES I AM SO.  Some Jenny Lewis, too.

–your fangirl heroine.



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