Television Tuesday :: two True Blood cocktails, because idefk who to name these after really.

22 Mar


When in doubt name things after auxiliary fairies, I guess.  Funny story: I had every intention of not making cocktails tonight but then my mom produced a bottle of champagne-like stuff to toast friends of ours that are moving.  And then tonight’s SHIELD happened.  And I know why it happened, because of the spin-off (that honestly, I’d be fine if they’d showed a trailer for it immediately), but reader, I bawled.  I don’t cry at things, you all know that full well, but all it took was “you have an admirer” and I burst into actual tears, and maybe the cocktails helped that and maybe they didn’t but it’s good I made them because I definitely didn’t have the energy to write anything analytical after that.


1/2 champagne
1/4 peach schnapps
1/4 cake vodka

So Maurella wasn’t super auxiliary as far as fairies go.  She was the girls’ mom, after all.  But she was still in maybe six scenes total.


1/2 champagne
1/4 strawberry pucker
1/4 honey vodka

Claudette is the brown-haired club fairy who had a pink vest on and her hair in buns.  According to the wiki, anyway.  That’s why this, because strawberry is pinkish.

–your fangirl heroine.



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