Music Monday :: my thoughts on More Rain

21 Mar

Somehow I missed the new M. Ward album a few weeks ago so here I am catching up.

“[More Rain.]”  Hello, ambient noise.

“Pirate Dial.”  See, here’s the thing.  M. Ward is familiar and good and a nice thing to wrap myself in after bad days, and that’s never not going to be true.  There are always interesting things going on with the guitar and stuff.  There’s always a whiff of nostalgia.

“Time Won’t Wait.”  Oh, Neko Case!!!! Neko Case.  I love that so many of my musicians are friends with each other.  This is also, as NPR said, “T. Rex-like” and that cheers me in a way I need today.

“Confession.”  Sorry, all.  I might not be super chatty tonight.  I’m just thinking a lot and wrapping up in this and I need to do that.

“I’m Listening (Child’s Theme).”  Oh my god there’s an echoey doo-wop in the background that reminds me of the Buffy episode with the ghosts of the student and teacher who had an affair.  But I’m not creeped out.  I’m into it.  And mostly not thinking about that except to acknowledge it.

“Girl From Conejo Valley.”  “Used to call me deep down from his little corner of hell.”  That’s a great phrase.  I feel that today, M. Ward, although not in the context of this.  There’s such a nice surfer feeling to this, but like a surfer that really tries.

“Slow Driving Man.”  I’m not even a big nerd about vinyl, it’s just not particularly convenient, but this would be so great on vinyl.

“You’re So Good to Me.”  This sounds like county fairs but in a nice way.  Like, old-time, with ferris wheels and… I don’t know.  Not the horrible things that happen at real fairs, just like idealized versions thereof.

“Temptation.”  This is warm.  I’m going to stay in it a while, please.

“Phenomenon.”  Yes.  I’m staying.  This is really soothing and it’s kind of lulling me into… I’m not even sure what.  Feeling calmer, I guess.  As per soothing and lulling.  “If you can’t talk to your friends about it, to a stranger it’s strictly taboo” BOY DO I KNOW THAT ONE M. WARD I am sure he doesn’t mean it the way I know it, but.

“Little Baby.”  More doo-wops!  This is very sweet and sometimes “baby” is patronizing when men say it but I’m okay with it here.

“I’m Going Higher.”  Oh this is uplifting!  This is very like, Southern not-Gothic.  Southern sunshine.  Give it here, this revivalist joy.

–your fangirl heroine.



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