Whimsy Wednesday :: in which it is Freaky Friday and Chibiusa is in love with Benedict Cumberbatch the Pegasus.

16 Mar

I bet what Pegasus thinks of you is that you are ten years old.

All the fairytale puppets die.  I like Palla-Palla’s version, even if it didn’t have a subplot.  I mean.

Getting right into the senshi business.

Palla-Pala is fascinated by this argument and pulls out the Opposite Orb to… magick them age-switched.  What hilarious mayhem!!!

Chibiusa all like WHAT ARE THESE about her boobs and ass though

The carillon doesn’t work!!!  She can’t summon Pegasus because she’s got boobies now.  Good thing the other senshi showed up to stop Palla-Palla.  “I’ll play with all of you next time,” she chirps before disappearing.


“A puffy chest”

Oop it’s time for a dream sequence!

“I lost sight of where you were… the light of your dreams was no longer reaching me.”  Is it just me or is this some vaguely Narnia shit.

But now he’s inviting her to come ride on his back to see Elysion where he’s from.  Fly into the sparkles, you goddamn horse.

Elysion is ruined by “the ones who are after the Golden Crystal.”  The Dark Moon bunch, who seek to destroy Elysion and also Earth with the Golden Crystal.  Nehelenia laughs evilly while having kidnapped Pegasus

SURPRISE HE HAS A PEOPLE BODY (that still has a horn).

“A beautiful light of dreams” and then he turned into a pony to go search for dreams.  Oh, he couldn’t see her because she was an adult from the magic of the New Moon which is dark.  This is all extremely convoluted.

And Chibi-Usa just broke the magicks in her dream just by really wanting to.  Because she really has the hots for the flying horse-boy.



Damn.  Palla-Palla charmed children out of their beds to mass-attack them for mirrors. That’s not going to stay!

“You’re absolutely reprehensible!”

No matter what they do attacking just makes the little Lemures particles multiply and also coagulate.  But Aqua Rhapsody worked!!!

“Someone who wastes food has no right to offer treats.”  Class, Tuxedo Mask.

“Chibi-Usa’s Little Rhapsody of Love.”  Or: Chibi-Usa Has The Hots For A Fantasy Critter.

Also if finding the Golden Crystal is the objective here why can’t Pegasus just tell her what it looks like so she can look for it?

Oh my god there’s a song while she rides Pegasus through the sky.  This feels so wrong though????  I miss when she had a tiny shy appropriately-aged girlfriend.

I saw a Pegasus-and-Chibiusa keychain the other day…


This is so uncomfortable.

“I feel like I’ve been in a dream the whole time” oh dear

“Mako, you have to explain first.”  After Mako described Chibi-Usa’s new “senpai.”

“How can you be so sure he’s her senpai?” Rei demands.  Minako keeps blowing bubbles in her beverage.  Ami puts a cold towel on her face because what.

Meanwhile, Pegasus’ human body – Helios – is bondaged up in a spiky globe by spiderwebs and Nehelenia is pouting.  And also being uncomfortably sexy at Zirconia.

Zirconia, meanwhile, is mad at the Amazoness Quartet for sleeping.  I actually quite like Ves-Ves’ nightie, though.

Mako and Rei took Chibi-Usa for ice cream to grill her about her “senpai.” “Why do you always go there?” Rei demands, indignant.

Rei is so hilariously outraged that it might in fact be a senpai in Chibi-Usa’s life.

Now it’s Ami and Minako’s turn.

Omg Chibiusa trying to describe Pegasus is hilarious

Hijinx with moving furniture!

Everyone is spying except Ami ‘cause Ami’s sitting at the table drinking apple juice with her handkerchief classy-like.


Holy crap it is.

“For some reason, you guys seem a lot more agitated today.”

I also definitely just thought that said “the dream-eating crap.”

“If a young lady is troubled by love, I will appear!”

“Oh Mamo!  You and I are far apart in age too.”

Chibi-Usa is so infuriated with them trying to get up in her business.  I feel you on that.

–your fangirl heroines.



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