Whimsy Wednesday :: in which starving artists are very romantic and Pegasus is weird and emotionally manipulative.

9 Mar

What purpose does it serve for Usagi to point her fingers together, exactly?

Also, Usagi, don’t you know that when your kid makes art you have to pretend to like it?

Well, as in most areas of parenting, she needs work.

Well, true.  But, y’know.

What you mean the ten year old can’t draw as well as a man in the park with years of experience can paint?

I really do like that the Amazoness Quartet give the eyeball shit for picking bad targets.  There’s only so much they can do.  And obviously CereCere is volunteering ‘cause she’s got the hots for the wistful painter boy.  She’s the ridiculous romantic one after all.

“…I look my most vivacious when I’m eating!” This is a tumblr screencap.

So obviously they have to bring the starving artist over to feed him and obviously it’s a disaster but he eats it anyway because starving artist.

“You must’ve been terribly hungry!” Nooooooo

“Artists don’t make money?” I’M CACLKING

He’s being very kind about Chibi-Usa’s drawing and it made her blush, so obviously it’s time to go ask the flying horse what’s up.

“Is the face in the mirror not who I really am?”  Whoa deep thoughts kid.

When will my reflection show who I am insiiiiiiiiiiiide

How can she think she has a paler complexion if it’s a line drawing?

CereCere with the goddamn red carpet what the hell even.  And her like.  1860s-meets-day at the races outfit.  What the tits.

Spinning some bullshit story about her dead daddy.  She’s really rather cunning.

“I sense an evil air emanating from this place.”

This mansion that CereCere either magicked up out of fucking nowhere or stole.  C’mon, brat, you’re a brat.  I still like you in a “you’re awful right now” way but brat.

Why are the fountains of little boys pissing.

“I am, after all, a cat.”

How did they get in are they standing outside the window logistics?????????


And this time the monster is a picky eater and this thwarts the situation enough that they don’t even have to do battle, they just get straight to the attack.

“I haven’t done anything yet” the monster wails goodness.

Chibi-Usa giving him her class project painting.  That’s cute.

Awwww she called it “The Person I Most Admire” that’s adorable.

Chibi-Usa and her friends watching Siberian swans in the park and being interrupted by a flying bicyclist.

“If bicycles could fly, the sky would be full of bicycles!” I was about to say how stupid this sounded and then I realized I would totally try a flying bike, so.

Useful exposition about the Dream World, where flying horses cannot fly.

This is so sketch.  Usagi jealous that Chibi-Usa is having a romantic talk with her FATHER.  Who, apparently, is “spending today on the web.”  Ah, the good old days where you could only be on the phone or the internet.  And by good old I mean horrible.

Ves-Ves gets dibs because the other three are in the pink bathtub together.  At least they’re wearing swimsuits.

He should also have gotten a new helmet because that one looked kinda fucked up from the back.

And Usagi gives the plans to Ami who can instantly help him because of science.  And then Mako and Minako and Rei start offering advice too, but he doesn’t want help until Chibi-Usa’s guy friend whose name I forget Kyusuke that’s it offers to help him.  And blushes???

“That’s so nice, friendship between two guys.”

Just bros being…???

“I’m right here in front of you, shouldn’t that be enough?”  Pegasus you’re being emotionally manipulative that’s not okay.

Like, Chibi-Usa literally just wants to know who you are and where you came from.  That’s not unreasonable to ask of someone who appeared in a glorified snowglobe in your bedroom.

And now she feels bad because she has things she doesn’t want to say either.  But “doesn’t want to” and “can’t” are two different explanations.  Don’t let the flying horse manipulate you.

“What’s wrong, do you have a stomach ache?”  Because there are no other explanations for why someone is upset.

Well, he is a boy, after all. They’re not generally good with ailments.

Ves-Ves appears wearing an aviator outfit???

“You’re suspicious just by the way you’re dressed.”  “You find these clothes suspicious?”  YES COME ON I AM GLAD THEY SNAPPED TO IT

“Standing on a sphere in the air is suspicious, no matter how you look at it.”

Sailor Chibi Moon by herself trying so hard.  Ves-Ves is aggravated.

WELL that is certainly…a monster…

“I don’t have the right to call Pegasus anymore.”  TRY IT AND SEE THOUGH?

Pegasus is kind of an asshole

He asked her to have faith in him and Sailor Moon is telling her to have faith in herself that’s really uh, telling

I’m not saying the ten-year-old is in an unhealthy relationship with a mythical flying horse but I’m totally saying the ten-year-old is in an unhealthy relationship with a mythical flying horse.

Aw they just needed the power of love I mean friendship to make the bike fly

–your fangirl heroines.


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