Music Monday :: my thoughts on Good Grief

7 Mar

Hi Lucius!  Tumblr has been getting me super pumped for this album.

“Madness.”  God I love their constant harmonies.  Oh my god this is just so!!  These voices these instruments.  There’s something so vintage and so clean and so pure about their stuff.  “Mayyyybe I’d drive myself to madness, spinning in circles, don’t have it figured out yet” I don’t know what but I will find a use for this.

“Something About You.”  What does this sound like?  It sounds like being stuck in a video game from the 80s, but one that’s much cooler and more feminist than like, Tron.  Not that I know anything about Tron other than the fact that it’s apparently really bad and nobody could ever answer the questions about it on Disney Scene It! in high school.  Or like, if the Baby-sitters Club were Sailor Scouts.  I’d totally watch that.  “Your uuuniverse begins to shake” oh my god.

“What We Have (To Change).”  Well this is rousing and adorable.  Old and new all at once.  These harmonies are so damn rich.

“My Heart Got Caught On Your Sleeve.”  This one is a bit more melancholy and a bit less energetic but the harmonizing is still so solidly gorgeous and theatrical in a strange way.  I’m kind of just reveling.

“Almost Makes Me Wish For Rain.”  Interesting.  More 80s flash.  This is mildly different from the 60s vibe of most of their stuff and it’s really cute.  It’s not a happy song but it sounds happy, and that’s something I always enjoy.

“Gone Insane.”  “You’re throwing words like darts at my head.”  This sounds so damn cute but it’s not and I feel this so much.  Not necessarily on a personal level but I think it’s a really interesting song and holy shit it’s literally a song about gaslighting and it’s so angry and beautiful.

“Truce.”  “This hatchet’s rusting up, don’t need it anyhow.”  Oh my god this is so 1970s lounge.  I’m once again rolling around in it.

“Almighty Gosh.”  Well this is fucking adorable.  All of this.

“Born Again Teen.”  I watched this music video already I think?  I don’t remember for sure.  But I like this song.  It’s really ecstatic in a way that isn’t necessarily happy, if that makes any sense.  It’s reveling in itself.  I also really like the way their voices, I don’t know, pop.

“Better Look Back.”  This sounds downright groovy and I dig it.  I like 1960s synthesizer keyboard action.

“Dusty Trails.”  Back to the slow and god they’re just like two worldweary songbirds.  “Dusty trails can lead you to a golden road” that’s so gorgeous. This is a gorgeous finale.

–your fangirl heroine.



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