Whimsy Wednesday :: in which the Scouts don’t bother to ask if a cute guy is single and a bear chases a kid to get him to vault.

2 Mar

“As graduates of the school” the preschool.  Preschool graduates.  Because they’re like 10.

Oh no the preschool principal is hunky.  Everyone but Ami has literal hearteyes.  She’s fascinated but not in a hearteyes way.

Makoto wants to become a florist.


Why does this child have three eyebrows on each eye.

I like how they’re just assuming this dude is single.

“Don’t get so worked up.  Sometimes you need to stop and smell the flowers,” says Cerecere, prior to hypnotizing them all with a flower into sleeping so she can take the target.  Her style of evil is infinitely appealing, I admit.

“Becoming a preschool teacher doesn’t sound bad at all,” Makoto says, because that’s a good qualification for your future.

Wherein Makoto breaks up with Minako over a ripped teddy bear.

The little kids’ shocked faces are hilarious.

Good thing these girls have talking cats to give them inspirational lessons.

Why did Cerecere come to the preschool fair in a limo wearing fur this is a valid question.

“I said I wasn’t angry!” As she stabs a pancake. Sure Jan.

Minako decides the best thing to do is put on a concert for the children.  And the hot preschool teacher.  While dressed like a character from like, The Jetsons or something.

Cerecere your outfit is the stupidest thing.  Except Minako’s outfit.  This is a stupid outfit episode.  Clearly.

SEEDS OF MISFORTUNE oh my god seeds that grow rapidly and ensnare the entire building.  The Amazonesses don’t fuck around.

How the senshi got in that giant flower is unknown.  But there they are.

“This is my Flower Lemures, Ms. Jyara-Jyara the dream-eating tulip.”  That sure is involved.

It looks like a Pokemon.

Also, doooon’t feed the plaaaaants

“Palla-Palla wishes you wouldn’t play dumb at times like this.”  The other Amazonesses have figured out Cerecere’s stunt.  Much sisterly bicker.

Venus Love and Beauty Shock!  Jupiter Oak Evolution!  Friends holding hands!


Well, Zirconia, this is sort of what you get for trying to make children in monster swimsuits do your dirty work.  They’re children.  They’re gonna fuck off.

“Can these girls really conquer the earth?!” No.  No they can’t.

Sports Day sounds like the most terrifying thing in the world.  I agree with Chibi-Usa.


Vaulting??? jesus christ

“Sports day, huh?” Mamoru says, as if he only just heard what they were talking about.

Oh my god Jun-Jun is dressed like a biker chick on her day off I love this.  And suddenly want to do an Amazoness Quartet biker lady gang cosplay.

So this entire plot is about a little kid whose male pride got hurt and now he can’t do all the sports. Okay…

While the girls and Mamoru try to help Chibi-Usa, Jun-Jun helps the random kid because you should definitely take vaulting advice from some random teenager who jumps off the jungle gym and says she’ll help you.

Pegasus sure is vague.

What I don’t understand is why the kid is doing one of that height, every time. Shouldn’t he be working up to it?

That’s a really good question.

Oh my god Jun-Jun throwing a kid in a cage with a bear is the worst.  I don’t care if now he can vault.  He’s still in a cage with a bear.  Why didn’t that flip him out.  Even if it’s not real.


Transformation montage time! Always a good.

“You’re a nuisance to the neighborhood!”

“You people just ooze out from anywhere!”

Well that Lemures is hilarious but also a little terrifying.

Is he a wombat?????

Tobikiri Dude.  DUDE is part of his name.

Or just… what the hell that is not what I thought was about to happen how did vaulting the wombat help at all?  I mean it knocked him over but???

Why are the girls all wearing underpants for Sports Day.

It would have been better if then they both fucked the vault up in Sports Day anyway.

Oh, definitely, but kids’ show and all.

–your fangirl heroine.


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