Music Monday :: my thoughts on A Man Alive

1 Mar

I adore Thao Nguyen mostly from her collaborations with my beloved Mirah, but I also adore her in her own right so yay.

“Astonished Man.”  This is weird and has its own aesthetic of splatter-painted neon Converse shoes or something.  I don’t know.  It’s nice.

“Slash/Burn.”  She’s got one of those weird interesting imperfect cute voices that does weird things that goes with her weird instrumentals and unusual lyrics.  “In my youth I grew used to the truth” I like weird asymmetrical rhyming like that.

“Evening.”  This is like kids messing around with instruments and making something really really cool.  I just keep thinking about bubblegum.

“Departure.”  She’s just so fucking weird and I can definitely see how you’d need to be in a certain mood for this but luckily for Thao my thoughts are abstracted enough that “you’re so early in the morning I’m so late in the night” feels like something I definitely get.

“Nobody Dies.”  This is stereos in shitty cars driving around drinking milkshakes music.  “I act like nobody dies, we act like nobody dies” I pinpointed this song’s aesthetic I’m so happy.  This is so youthful and great.

“Guts.”  Is, being honest, a word I would be okay with not hearing again for a long time, but whatever.  I just have uncomfortable reactions to random words sometimes.  This is a lo-fi and precious song.

“Fool Forever.”  This suddenly got sort of dark.  She’s talking and there are strange echoing choruses and repeated “ohhh no” and damn, Thao, I feel that.

“Millionaire.”  “Well I’ve been bee-eeetrayed before,” she sings, plaintive and just so straightforward.  She sings like someone who’s been screwed over and come out the other side again.

“Meticulous Bird.”  My goodness this is really interesting rap and I want to sit down with the words sometime and just sit in it.  I love weird verbose rhyming.  There’s so much weird ambient noise here and I’m so into it.

“Give Me Peace.”  This is just… cute.  I’m kind of floating off but it’s really fun to listen to.  Like hopscotch rhythms.

“Hand to God.”  “My baby, you know she loved the light” well then.  Also there is mention of private eyes.  I’m all about this.

“Endless Love.”  “I’ve got an endless love no one can starve, I’ve got an endless love.”  Over and over again like a mantra.  Interesting.  This is a weird postmodern mood.  I enjoy it.

–your fangirl heroine.



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