Whimsy Wednesday :: in which Rei has a tiny devotee and the dentist is apparently the worst thing on earth.

24 Feb

“I want to wear a wedding gown for Mamo soon!”  “Me too!”  One, Usagi you’re 14, and two, Chibi-Usa you’re Mamoru’s DAUGHTER.

Also, “All girls dream of being a bride.” Uh, sure.

Nice thought but wrong.

Everyone is surprised because Rei was a model on a magazine talking about the shrine’s love amulets but she didn’t tell them about it.  Surprise!  Popularity!

What the hell are Minako’s shorts those look like plaid diapers.

Meanwhile, there’s a tiny child who’s clearly got a crush on Rei and refers to her as her “role model” and wants to train under her.  She has literal stars in her eyes.

Oh my god and the little girl is wearing a Rei wig now.  I’m so.  This is hilarious.

Oh my god the little girl is blushing at Rei with the ooh-ooh-ooooohhhh music.

“We’re still minors” YES YOU ARE YOU SURE ARE

“Don’t mention it, I’m happy just being with you, Rei.” OH OKAY

“I want to be your younger sister” she says to Rei’s… boobs.  Okay then.

“She’s pure, proper, and pretty” UH HUH.

Also Nanako has all these dreams she thinks won’t come true so she’s gonna be a helpful shrine maiden I’m just saying I’m pretty sure those dreams are all about banging ladies.

This is enough of a conflict for everyone to be discussing in heated voices.

Meanwhile, Diana kitten tugs on Ami’s sleeve to alert her to Nanako’s presence.

Meanwhile meanwhile, Ves-Ves pops out of the tree to harass the little tiny girl and tell stories about her dream expositionally.

“A girl with no dream? That sucks!”

Sailor Chibi Moon’s dramatic bell-ringing was horribly ineffective.

Why does Mane-Mane Girl have hilarious nipples.  The fact that she can mimic faces and voices is scary and the fact that Mercury figured this out is smart of her.

Also there’s an Avatar villain who does something very similar, he’s called Koh the Face-Stealer.

“Mimicking someone to win is cheating!” Mars shouts.  She’s now inspirational speeching while Nanako is semi-unconscious and here’s her new attack, Mars Flame Sniper which is a kickass bow and arrow made out of FIRE that’s pretty rad.

Okay like…I’m glad the kid has a job and stuff I guess, but isn’t she like, ten?

She sure looks like ten.

oh no the creepy dentist episode.  I don’t remember the details of this but I remember it was here.

“If you want to play so much, go and play by yourself,” Jun-Jun scolds Palla-Palla as she asks them to play with her.

Then all of them giggle at the flying eyeball’s inability to find a target.  But Palla-Palla is busy playing creepy dentist dolls.  She’s a warped little thing whose solution to dental problems is decapitation.  “She just might be someone to reckon with,” they say.


Also why is this shot framed with what looks like human teeth?

The Evanescence Orb makes a dentist office large and then the sends sugar out into the city to infect children’s teeth.  Nefarious.

Fun Dentist Edition, indeed.

Ami just happened to have a dentist mirror in her pocket to investigate Chibi-Usa’s multiple cavities.

Look.  I don’t like the dentist either, because I hate scrapey noises in my mouth.  But it’s not scary.  It’s just severely unpleasant.

Yes, telling a ghost story is helpful.

Supportive friends doing supportive friend things.  Clearly.

Mamo’s accompanying Usagi to the dentist. He’s very supportive.

The fact that the dentist looks like a toy house is not suspicious at all!

Yes.  The fact that the dental assistant is encouraging them to binge on dessert foods is totally normal.

I am also somewhat amused by Palla-Palla only using the third person sometimes.  She’s a goof.

“Oh pooh!”

Oh look, Tuxedo Mask is actually useful!

But I like the implication that he would forgive a fake dentist who lured young boys who liked sweets, or something.

“Palla-Palla doesn’t like you!  I want you to die!”  Well, not the worst sentiment tbh.

Why beat around the bush?

“Gari-Gari the girl who grinds for fun.”  Uh.

Oh my god

Evil toothpaste drill monster.  Yike.

What the fuck is this, sonic moon yell?

Also, I can’t help but feel bad for the fish.

Yeah.  But rest assured knowing they were just figments of the imagination, really.  Probably?

“It was an illusion.” IT’S MY ILLUSIONS!

And now crowds of people just wake up going ????


Okay but I feel like a dentist with shaking hands is actually seriously at risk.

Oh, yeah, totally.

–your fangirl heroine.



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