Music Monday :: my thoughts on Lola

22 Feb

This is going to be interesting, because I love Carrie Rodriguez and I’ve missed her!  But my capacity for understanding Spanish is pretty much limited to the basic questions most people understand, colors, days of the week, and words that pertain to my workplace (if you need to be told to look at the green dot, I’m your girl).  I can recognize sentence structure sometimes and if I read it I will probably get a basic sense of what’s going on.  But I cannot think in Spanish, so the songs in Spanish are going to be interesting.

“Perfidia.”  This… is something about truth?  Okay, literally it’s “treachery.”  So… not truth, but in a directly opposite.

“Llano Estacado.”  I can also tell that this is a verb in… adjective form?  Apparently “flat” “homely” etc. “staked” “wounded” etc.  Part of this was in English but I wasn’t really paying attention because I wanted to find out what the title meant.  I like the vibe of this, though.  Very Robert Rodriguez, too.  All of this.

“I Dreamed I was Lola Beltran.”  I don’t know who that is, but this is really cute and pleasant to listen to.  “We were baila, baila, bailando ” DANCING I KNOW THAT ONE I’m sorry this is turning into an exercise in making myself remember Spanish.

“La Ultima Vez.”  That means the last time!  “I’ve fallen to pieces for la última vez” oh my god “you can’t stand it when I prove you wrong, I’m just trying to speak the truth” suddenly I Santánico Pandemonium???  This is gorgeous.

“Que Manera de Perder.”  I know “perder” is “lose” but apparently put together this means “what a waste,” so that’s good to know.  This is really educative.  And beautiful!  Oh, a surprise duet?

“Frío En El Alma.”  That means “cold in the soul” I know this!!!!  This is beautiful Southwestern Gothic and I love it.  Also, it’s a tango and that’s sexy.  This is gorgeous.

“Z.”  Oh god this is so.  This is such a perfect blended “better when you’re older if you don’t learn to settle” oh my god that’s such perfection.  What a beautiful country narrative!

“Noche De Ronda.”  I recognized “noche” but oh my god I just looked this up and it literally means “night watch” the whole title you go Carrie Rodriguez.  You’re awesome.  This is awesome.  This album is beautiful.

“Caricias.”  Well I didn’t know what the hell that meant so I looked it up.  “Petting.”  Or “necking.”  I agree.

“The West Side.”  This is a country song.  I don’t normally do straight country but I feel like this is an exception.  She’s so interesting.  I still remember the first time I heard “Infinite Night” and felt electrocuted in the good way.  I also remember once being in Texas at the time of SXSW and she was playing and I moped because I had no way of being able to go.

“Si No Te Vas (Instrumental).”  Instrumental and lovely!

“Si No Te Vas.”  This is “If you do not go.”  Okay!  This is pretty.

–your fangirl heroine.



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