Sundry Sunday :: Attack of the Goofus and Gallant

21 Feb

As customers!

Goofus yells at employees for company policy that he finds unfair, even though the employees clearly did not invent the policy.
Gallant does not badger employees if they can’t get him want he wants, because he understands they can’t do everything.

Goofus takes it out on employees he deals with if he’s having a bad day.
Gallant keeps his unpleasant emotions to himself when shopping.

Goofus likes to flirt or make tasteless jokes with employees and gets offended if they don’t appreciate it.
Gallant is polite and friendly with employees but will not bring up inappropriate subjects with them.

Goofus acts like his time is more important than anyone else’s in the store.
Gallant patiently waits his turn and lets other shoppers go first if they’re in more of a hurry than he is.

Goofus intentionally misunderstands promotions so he can try to manipulate salespeople into giving him additional discounts.
Gallant reads the fine print, asks questions if he doesn’t understand, and accepts promotions as they are.

–your fangirl heroines.



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