Whimsy Wednesday :: in which insane candy-colored monster-wielding brats and Ami’s brain is more creative than she thinks.

17 Feb

The circus is finally going to be used for circus purposes.

Ah the mysterious Nehelenia is finally revealed, a little bit.  With a plot twist.  The Golden Mirror.  Normal dream mirrors don’t cut it and won’t cut it.

Dead Moon Circus!  This is not even remotely related to the bad guys that have literally called themselves Dead Moon something in the recent past.

Also I like how his shirt says “earth” on it because he’s the earth prince.

Oh there’s my Amazonesses!  In their color coordinated mini dresses with their candy hairdoos.  Saunternig alongdramatically.

“Adults need to be mindful of the world they live in…” “There’s nothing to look forward to by becoming an adult.”  They’re like an evil Peter Pan cult I love them.


For what it’s worth I honestly don’t remember this much chanting in the original.

I don’t know what else there would have been, but I don’t remember this.


Cere-Cere, Palla-Palla, Jun-Jun, Ves-Ves.  My beloved creepy little girls in bikinis and stuff.

“Palla-Palla doesn’t like being told what to do.”

Already a miniature mutiny.  This will not teach them humility.

I also don’t know why they think being called the Dead anything will invite a friendly audience full of innocent-hearted dreamers.

Some people juggle geese?

Also Cere-Cere’s hypnotism technique is very uh, I don’t know how she aimed it specifically at one person it was very imprecise.



The billiards technique.  Alas for them, not more effective.  Just flashier and less non-con bondagey.

I really do think that the season four villains might be overall on average the creepiest?

Yeah like what the fuck I am horrified

I’m not even sure how this is a kids’ show.  I really don’t know.

Okay but why don’t these massage therapists have heads????

They’re enchanted coats and gloves, I think?

“The one they called Pegasus was so beautiful, wasn’t he?” UMMMM

I meeeean it’s possible she just meant that in a “oh look a pretty pony” way because she is… the youngest one of all of them and they’re all children so she’s quite young, but.

Their poses are such nonsense but they’re fun to draw.

Ami has been enchanted by a melody on the internet and she’s trying her hand at composing lyrics and god bless her she’s so cute.

“I want to stare at your side profile forever” Ami you’re the sweetest most precious baby who cannot romance for the life of her.

“By the way, what’s ‘online’?” Usagi asks.

Diana the cat knows more about the internet than Usagi this is precious.

“Oh?  It might not necessarily be a man,” Luna suggests.  I like the way you think, Luna.

“You fools!  Enough with your foolishness!”  WORDs

Also, child abuse?

I like that the grown-ups hung out in a bar and the kids hang out in a massage spa.

“Composing lyrics is hard…”  Yes it is Ami-chan.  I know that.

Oh!  A gift from her distant never-mentioned father, a sketch of wherever he’s traveled to.  Ami appreciates this as a form of communication and is reinvigorated to work on her lyrics.  Cute.

Awww that’s really nice!

I love the way Ami’s cute little animated brain works.  I love when she blushes.

It’s very, um, convenient that this N. T. person happens to be in the same city.

Well, we don’t know, I guess, that it wasn’t posted on a TOKYO PEOPLE webste, but.  Yeah.  The convenience of everything happening in Tokyo is quite strong.

“I’ve seen your name a lot on the internet.”  Ah, when the internet was such a small place.

Also, this feels familiar~


“This is Ami.  You know, from the internet.”

“Aw, he’s got a girlfriend,” Minako says, disappointed.  Ami blushes BECAUSE SHE IS NOT THINKING IN THIS WAY AT ALL OKAY SHE JUST LIKES THE GUY’S SONG.

Ami is now worrying that she was “writing lyrics for people who have such passion.”  She doesn’t feel passionate enough.  Her usual anxiety.  Bless your little heart Ami.  I believe in you.


Oh Ami I feel your pain.

Why are Ami’s solo episodes always more emotionally wrenching than anyone else’s.

“I’m just a good little girl who happened to walk by.”

“Late autumn… my neighbor engages in art.”  WHAT THE HECK DID YOU JUST WHAT???

“Shut up!  I hate being told what to do!”  Well, not a horrible sentiment, Ves-Ves.  WITH HER POOL BALL THAT PUT THEM IN THE COMPUTER OH MY GOD

Ami pitfalling into her own anxieties bless your heart hearing a voice while being naked in your imagination it’s the voice of herself????????  Encouraging her???? While she’s NAKED AS HECK????

Lol I understand the symbolism but I am also very uncomfortable.

“SAILOR MEEERCURYYYY” ah yes the love boat music.

“I feel it!  The melody of new waters.  The strains of harp music in my heart.  This is my new power.  Mercury Aqua Rhapsody.”  I LOVE THIS ATTACK it honestly might straight up be one of my favorites ‘cause it’s just so pretty.

–your fangirl heroine.



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