Television Tuesday :: on the premiere of Vinyl

16 Feb
  1. Edited to correct myself, thanks to my mother.  It is in fact Bobby Cannavale, which.  Dudes?  I’m glad she corrected me because.  I honestly couldn’t tell the difference.  This is all to say that Richie Finestra still needs to treat his wife better.
  2. I hope Juno Temple doesn’t have to buy all those drugs for her coworkers out of pocket.
  3. The soul song that the completely random lady in the reddish dress sang was the actual most horrifying song.
  4. It looked like Olivia Wilde and Birgitte Hjort Sørensen might have been… flirting…?  And possibly in bed together in the previews?  This is so far the only reason I’m compelled to keep watching.
  5. Once again the children exist as props.
  6. If the main plot for Juno Temple is “I do all the work and get none of the credit” I’m already over it.  I did that dance once on Mad Men, and I gave way more of a damn about Peggy… and Joan… and every other woman, even on first glance.
  7. As I said on Twitter, opening the episode with what seemed like five whole minutes of Jeffrey Dean Morgan doing drugs and groaning reminded me of the opening of the British production of Frankenstein I saw where Benedict Cumberbatch writhed around on stage going “AUGHHGHHHH” for five minutes when he was “born.”
  8. Sometimes I like 1970s aesthetic but more often, especially in the clothes, I just cringe.  How is it that Almost Famous outfitted its characters, especially its women, in the least offensive 1970s clothing ever?  And this already had Juno Temple in a fur jacket with a shiny red polyester halter top bell bottom jumpsuit and platform sandals?
  9. Some minor moments that were cringeworthy.
  10. So many angry yelling men.

–your fangirl heroine.



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