Whimsy Wednesday :: in which Fish’s Eye wants to be a real human and Zirconia is not amused by this.

10 Feb

Who is that woman?  Why it couldn’t possibly be the person you’ve been encountering snaking all your men for weeks.

Literally “sore wa sore, kore wa kore” means “that is that, this is this” y’all.

Also Fish’s Eye is genderfluid and this is important.

Do you keep fish because your relationship with your girlfriend is strained?  THAT’S a normal question to ask a person, especially a stranger.

“no hint of makeup, zero sex appeal… It’s clear who wins”

This is totally normal behavior too.  This stranger walking up and dibsing someone.  Good thing Diana kitten is there to get tipped off to the weird.

Ah yes the Quartet giggling up in the rafters like the literal children they are ready to wreak havoc.  Oh surprise!  Queen Nehelenia exists.

And Fish’s Eye has no morals.

“The most beautiful person in the universe” is uh, setting up for a Snow White rivaltry or something tbh.  Also the fact that Queen Nehelenia speaks through shadows on Zirconia’s robe is weird.

“What did she mean by ‘the magic cast upon us’?”  “You still haven’t realized what you really are?”  SURPRIIIIIISE the Amazon Trio are magicked illusions cast upon animals.  SURPRISE.  Such plot!!!!

It’s like the Little Mermaid if Ariel was really a fish, not a person, and she was also kind of a jackass.

This monster is vaguely unnerving.

The killer trampoline is pretty funny though.

I like that Sailor Moon never quite stops being kind of a fuck-up though.

That magic that gave them human forms was very nuanced to make them all so outrageous.

A-HA Fish’s Eye is putting it together!  Hilarious comedy of errors.

Except for not hilarious because now he’s spying on a ten-year-old.  NOPE.

Also I like how Usagi was like “oh, Chibiusa probably wandered off to play somewhere NBD.” Great mothering instincts, there.

There’s something to be said for being laissez-faire, but.  Yeah.

The magical orb looks kind of like the seeds for the monsters last season, just saying.

Also, trying to make a fish, a hawk, and a tiger work together… is the worst idea.

On the Sailor Moon Colorforms game, you could make pieces of their outfits random colors at will.  This is appropriate because their outfits regularly look like someone did that.

The fuck is this clown doing? (Literally.)

Being a creep.  And ruining Usagi’s dream mirror.  But it’ll be all right, of course.

Hawk’s Eye takes a hole to the chest to save Fish’s Eye.  Hawk’s Eye uses flamethrower.  It is very ineffective.

Jesus christ this is not fucking around

It sure is not.  Good thing the hole in his chest waited until he was done talking to kill him.

Fish’s Eye is gonna use the orb to revive Usagi so she can transform SUCH DRAMAS.

The villains called upon the heroes to avenge… the other villain… by killing a separate villain.  This is twisty shit and I adore it.

Eleventh-hour senshi appearance!  TA DA.

Deathbed speeches.  Dead animals.  Pegasus, though, is here to make them human again and give them beautiful dreams!!!!!!!

Awwww. They’re real humans!

And now they die as humans and it’s a thing!!!!!  Inspiration.

Ah the Amazonness Quartet.  The giggly children.

Meanwhile Pegasus takes the animal buddies’ lights to his forest home.

–your fangirl heroines.


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