Music Monday :: my thoughts on My Wild West

8 Feb

Hi Lissie oh I’ve missed you so.

“My Wild West Overture.”  Gosh rock and roll overtures.  Falls and absorbs.

“Hollywood.”  Starting right out with a ballad, all right!  Darling, I love your ballads.  Your ballads stir intense emotion in me.

“Wild West.”  “There’s safety in numbers I guess, but I’m going rogue in the wild wild west” yes you are you’re a cowgirl “I’ve been living with the spotlight” I want hours of this this belongs on the dramatic climax horse-chase of a film about lesbian cowgirls finding love.

“Hero.”  I love her dusky voice so much and want to write two dozen movies just to use her on the soundtracks of all of them.  This has such classic cowgirl imagery and it’s so folk and beautiful.  There should be owls here.

“Sun Keeps Risin’.”  “In the quiet hours when the lights are out and my mind is free to wander” well this is not a particularly chipper album yet but it’s absolutely gorgeous and rousing in a weird way?  Like it’s so just strong.

“Don’t You Give Up On Me.”  Oh this one is a bit brighter.  “Don’t you give up on me, I’m swimmin’ in the stars breathin’ in eternity” well that’s gorgeous.  All of this is lovely.  Oh noooo I just had a lot of tragic lady feelings, or I guess not tragic if you use this as a fix-it which I totally will.

“Stay.”  “Can you tell I like temptation less and less every day” tell it twang princess.  Down in your dark magical Southern Gothic hell-purgatory-paradise.  This is a sound I think of when I think of what the fallacy should have been.  Alternately, my poor neglected Willa Burrell.

“Daughters.”  “You’re more than just a mistress or a wife.”  “When it’s not safe to walk these streets join your hands and sing with me, raise our voices hear our plea.  We are the daughters, we are the sisters who carry the water, we are the mothers too” I’m so.  These are my women of Deadwood these are my beautiful badasses.  I’m overcome with a lot of feeling right now.  Oh my god this is Fury Road’s sister wives too.

“Together Or Apart.”  Strumming!  Oh, this is sweet!  Friendship is magic, and also frontierswomen are magic.  Something like that.  “We are close, we’re of one heart, and distance cannot finish what we start, together or apart.”

“Shroud.”  This is also what the fallacy should have been.  This is ladies joining together, hurting and raw and standing strong even still.

“Out For a Walk.”  We’re at the point in the album where I’m mostly just rolling around feeling a lot of things, but this is beautiful and I’m glad it’s here.

“Ojai.”  Twang and feelings.  Thank you, Lissie.

–your fangirl heroine.




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