Sundry Sunday :: The Phantom Goofus and Gallant

7 Feb

In the workplace!

Goofus assumes that anyone in his workplace who is lower on the totem pole than him or newer to the company than him knows nothing and goes out of his way to “educate” them.
Gallant makes himself available to anyone who needs his help but does not force the issue.

Goofus teases his coworkers who have different organizational habits than him.
Gallant doesn’t worry about what other people are doing as long as they’re getting their work done.

Goofus likes to strike up conversations with coworkers and customers alike about topics that are inappropriate for the workplace.
Gallant keeps his conversation topics to innocuous things like the weather, popular movies and TV shows, and weekend plans.

Goofus will say passive-aggressive things about coworkers both to their faces and behind their backs, to other coworkers.
Gallant is polite to all of his coworkers, even the ones he dislikes, and if he has a problem with one of them he will keep it to himself and only vent to people outside his workplace.

Goofus is quick to call coworkers out on behavior that he dislikes, but refuses to listen when called out himself.
Gallant is polite in asking coworkers to change behaviors he doesn’t like, and will be accepting if they don’t want to change them. He also tries to change or minimize any of his own behaviors that upset his coworkers.

–your fangirl heroines.



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