Whimsy Wednesday :: in which an escapee princess learns how to human and you should never trust boys.

3 Feb

You guys I just need to share with you that two of the original dub voice actresses are going to be at Emerald City and one of them was Sailor Jupiter and one of them was sometimes Sailor Moon but also Emily Ice Tits.  I haven’t been able to freak out about this with anyone but drift partner so I’m freaking out about it with all y’all!

Another princess from a random jewel kingdom.

Oh my god Diana how adorable.  Saying that in the future Mamoru and Usagi fake sick when otherwise they’d have to be at formal affairs.  That’s precious, also because she doesn’t understand why it’s embarrassing.

“Fighting is unbecoming of two cute young ladies!”

Maybe the random men wouldn’t have been so reticent if you didn’t touch their faces, princess.


Chibi-Usa and Usagi are rightly confused about why this Rubina person is following them and being so nice.  She’s having wistful thoughts about random Real Person things at the festival though.  And making all the male attendants blush.

Rubina also has really serious eyebrows.

Why is it playing the sexy Sailor Uranus and Neptune music as this balloon floats into the sky though.

Also, this reminds me of nothing so much as that scene in Aladdin where Princess Jasmine is wandering the marketplace.

“I am free… like those balloons.”  Much drama.

I also like Chibi-Usa’s single Hello Kitty bow.

And Mamoru just appeared out of nowhere to give an inspirational speech??

Oh, Rubina doesn’t trust the guy who just snatched her out of the air.  Good call.

“On a beautiful night of fireworks!” “Only an evil man would do harm!”

Another freaky ball monster person!  With a personal grudge against them for fucking with her monster cousins.

Oh no…she…rolls around…THE HORROR




“I’ll never forget the memories of today.”

Zirconia is having none of this shit.

Tiger’s Eye attempting to woo every target at once.  That’s totally going to work.  No flaw in that plan at all.


‘The dance party in the gym.” “Our college dance party.”  Is apparently a marriage market so all the girls are dressed up.

“Our fateful encounters” sounds so sinister.

Also, who is letting middle schoolers and CHILDREN into college dance parties?

AMI ASKING MAKO TO DANCE SO SHE ISN’T SAD AND ALONE (because she is so tall boys won’t dance with her she is 5’6” you’re lying)


“After the bait, the fish come swarming” Tiger’s Eye you are so grossssss

“I don’t have time to spend with a girl who’s not in the photo list”

Mako, sweetheart, nooooooooo

“When it comes to feelings, time doesn’t matter” UM BUT IT KIND OF DOES

Mako is a little hopeless when she’s got a crush.

But everyone’s going to wait with her and hang out, because friends.  Or something.


Good thing Chibi-Usa and Usagi are spying on this TOTALLY LEGITIMATE conversation.

Rei looks so skeptical.

Ooh, Fish’s Eye snaked the mirror… grab.

Omg the ~tragic~ music

“It’s your fault for trusting me so much after one dance” said Tiger’s Eye, the literal embodiment of rape culture

“You people again!”  WELL WHAT DID YOU EXPECT

“Shufflefuruo” is that a what oh my god the fuck

The Sorrowful…Car…Master???

Also since when are card tricks a circus act.

Jupiter’s Super transformation!!

maybe the real dancing was the friends we made along the way

–your fangirl heroines.



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