Music Monday :: my thoughts on Promise

1 Feb

Hi, another person I like from Spotify!

“Los Angeles.”  She’s one of those melancholic moody rain musicians.  It makes sense that this is released in the winter.  She is not a summer singer.  She is the kind of singer that sounds a lot like a bunch of other singers but only in flashes.  Some of her vowels sound like Lorde, there are hints of all my Scandinavian girls.  Also there’s violin and that’s hot, as is the fact that this song is over seven minutes long.

“You Dream of China.”  Such vibe.  I feel a little like I’m getting high listening to this, which is weird because I don’t actually… like drugs.  But like, in a good vibey way, like metaphorically getting high.

“Don’t Use Me Up.”  “We went down to the water to be better” or something goooosh the (Southern) Gothic gosh.

“Pack of Nobodies.”  Urban orchestra sounds oh my godddd I am dead.

“Take it Easy.”  This is so heavily aesthetic though.  It’s like grunge urban Gothic with a side of art school.  I’m enjoying myself so much.

“Come to Me.”  Enjoying is kind of a weird way to phrase it because this isn’t particularly… cheerful, I guess, and my thoughts are drifting in a way that reflects the above melancholic moody rain, but I find this music very interesting and feelings are probably good things to indulge in sometimes.

“Fallin in On It.”  I can imagine someone choreographing really interesting modern dance to this stuff.  It’s the right kind of vibe for that.

“Antidote.”  There are such interesting layers of instruments here.  And this song is over six minutes long and god I’m so into that.  I’m sorry, this is woefully inarticulate, but I’m having an interesting time.

“Adagio.”  This is weirdly meditative, in its way.  I think I’m going to focus on that.

“Richard.”  I wonder what it is about songs and the name “Richard.”  I was listening to First Aid Kit earlier, is why.  That was a strange out of body experience.

“Light is Drainin’.”  Oh oh we’re back to the Gothic Americana oh.  I would like to wallow in this please.  This is beautiful.  Kind of Bat for Lashes-y.  I’m also meditating on this.

–your fangirl heroine.



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