Marvel Monday :: 5 thoughts on Agent Carter’s premiere

26 Jan

As per the two-hour premiere last week.

5. Please for the love of any god let Violet (Sarah Bolger) be happy.
I’m not just saying this because she’s my beloved Mary Tudor and I ache for her sadnesses there as I celebrate her joys.  (I’m in the middle of a drawn-out Tudors rewatch, so.)  I’m not just saying this because Once Upon a Time screwed Aurora over.  I mean, that contributes, but mostly I’m saying this because I don’t want to see this adorable tiny spunky nurse turned into a plot device.  Instead of a love triangle of bullshit, I would like more of that where her and Peggy (Hayley Atwell) are becoming very good friends.  I would like to see her participate in fixing things, because she knows some science because she’s a nurse and that happens.

4. Dottie (Bridget Regan) clearly had an important revelation in the recent past.
That revelation being, of course, that she is quite gay. Just LOOK at the expression on her face when Peggy catches her. She is so happy that Peggy’s come to take her away in handcuffs! And then the scene where Peggy tries to interrogate her… “Peggy, I expected so much more from you.” “Peg, we both know there are currencies more valuable than money.” And then her petulance when Peggy leaves and they send in Agent Chad Michael Murray instead – “You’re too easy. I need Peggy!” Granted, this could simply be an obsession with Peggy on an intellectual level, but this is Bridget Regan, who has made a career out of playing evil or morally grey characters with gay subtext. I don’t know what else to tell you.

3. Something weird happened to Daniel Sousa (Enver Gjokaj).
In the last season, Sousa and Peggy had a rapport of sorts, both being targets of ridicule for different reasons. He would sometimes be a little weird around her, and he had a tendency to put her on a pedestal (contrasted with Agent Chad Michael Murray’s open scorn of her), but this season something’s very off about him. He’s dating the aforementioned Violet, but continuing to act as if he still has feelings for Peggy, being twitchy and awkward around her. In one scene, when he thinks Peggy is dead, he proceeds to go into his office, shut the door, and knock things around violently. (Prior to that, he had simply been insistent on expending every resource to find and retrieve her.) He’s veering dangerously close to Nice Guy territory, although there’s still a chance he could come back to decent human being. But he’s going to have to get a grip and either commit to Violet or let her go and tell Peggy about his feelings, and deal with the aftermath of that like a mature adult. I think he can do it, but he’s got a ways to go yet.

2. Ana (Lotte Verbeek) and Jarvis (James D’Arcy) are adorable.
Putting aside the fact that I was just inclined to like Ana ‘cause I miss Giulia Farnese so much and the fact that I realized that Ana kind of reminds me of like, 1940s slightly calmer AU Columbia from Rocky Horror, these two are just precious and I’m so happy about them.  It’s adorable to see Jarvis with such a chipper, bright woman who he clearly adores and who adores him back, and I love that they spar together and that they clearly have some sort of playful system about PDA worked out. It’s really nice to see one Marvel TV hetero pairing that I actually enjoy.

1. Peggy continues to be beautiful and perfect.
Unlike the male “protagonist” of a certain other Marvel television show, Peggy did not become nigh insufferable with the changing season.  Like the female actual protagonist of said television show, she’s just as wonderful as ever, if not more so.  She’s stylish and sassy and goes out of her way to have positive relationships with other women and puts up with shit but not too much and I am just so happy that Marvel realized Peggy was important because she is.  She’s always been.  She’s integral and fantastic and I like having her around so much.

–your fangirl heroines.



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