Whimsy Wednesday :: in which Usagi gets a wedding dress and two-timing is apparently a rare occurrence.

13 Jan

Time for a hilariously dated fashion show!

I like that shirt with an animal eye on the girl’s boob.

And that pink dress with the daisy looked like an umbrella.

All of the others are freaking out over how cute Usui is and Ami’s just like “lol look a dress!”  I feel you, Ami.

“Someone should make a law against guys having beautiful dreams.”  But no homo.

Meanwhile, though, Fish’s Eye is planning on genderqueering and presenting as a beautiful man.

“Who will be beside you when you wear a wedding dress?” SHE’S TEN

“Oh, that’s right.  Can’t wear one without a groom.”  “Don’t worry.  In time, you’ll find the right man.”  “Do you think I’ll find a wonderful man?”  HE JUST SAID THAT

Oh look some gay boys!

“A miracle like you who transcends gender might be where the purest sense of a young woman exists.”  Fascinate.

Those are sure some boobs.  Tiny little boobs but nonetheless.

“He’s been with me since I began as a designer.”  “with me” sure Jan.

These boys look like the blandest things I’ve ever seen.

Oop this went from zero to creepy real fast.  Codependency isn’t cool.

Usagi is really good at having heart-to-hearts with complete randoms.

I also like how this random is completely okay with just having a chat with this random middle schooler.

“I don’t know what happened, but I’m very happy!”  Same to the first.

“They’re no better than animal costumes.”  Yes.  Accurate.

“Havn’t [sic] you ever felt ashamed jumping around in those short skirts?”  C’mon now Fish’s Eye that’s not cool don’t be like that.

…It’s an evil beachball.

It is that.  A vengeful evil beachball.

“Looking beautiful in the latest fashions is a woman’s everlasting wish.”  As his rose actually does something somewhat useful and deflates the evil beachball.  Much absurd.

He has designed an outfit that is “a bit Sailor Moon-ish” now.  He’s inspired~?

Also, I’m glad his boyfriend took him back.

Yes!  That’s very important.

Oh my god a love triangle between Minako and both of the bad guys.

Hawk’s Eye got fake glasses to enhance this ruse.  Many undercover.

But now Tiger’s Eye has a motorcycle.  Very sneak.

“He [sic] a roadie trying to become a rock singer.” I see the person doing subtitles was on the ball.


Oh, excuse me, 15.


“I could’ve had her today, but I like to save good things for later.” YIKE

But “your ugly tiger pants” tho that’s pretty classic.

She’s gonna wear a dress that looks like overalls on her date why Minako why.

“Pegasus, can someone fall in love with two people at the same time?”  WELL CHIBI-USA

“…is there more than one red thread?” WELL

“It’s tough being a grown-up.”

“It’s good to be fashionably late. I’ll be fine.” straight people????

Man, it’s sure a good thing that they’re spying on her when she’s about to get attacked by monster dudes.

“I was told that if I came here, I could see that rare thing called ‘two-timing’.” This is rare???

Of course it’s rare to a cat with literally no knowledge of the world??

Okay but see like. Polyamory has to be ETHICAL and you have to be open with all your partners or you’re just a selfish dick.

Well, she is an inexperienced fifteen-year-old who has never been taught these things?

But also this entire episode is like a cautionary tale about improper heterosexual relationships.

“I don’t want to lie to my own feelings…. I love you both.”  You mean the finale of s4 of True Blood that was basically the premise in that love triangle too.

“Gittanko the Scary Seesaw Acrobat.” As opposed to the friendly seesaw acrobat?

“So you’ve appeared, you and your squad of pumpkins!”

“You’re not supposed to throw a seesaw!”

Minako was so pissed she broke out of the mirror-trap and shoved her mirror back in her chest out of her rage.  Hell hath no fury???

This time I don’t actually understand why Pegasus has to show up? Like didn’t Minako basically have it under control?

“The many people I meet are all someday leading up to meeting the one.” Uh, sure?

–your fangirl heroines.



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