Whimsy Wednesday :: in which Ami has a big bisexual crush and there is way too much creepiness tbh.

6 Jan

“You took advantage of a widow’s beautiful memories.”

Ami, you know better than this!!!


“I never thought of Ami as that type.”  Rei, I think I can see what you mean.  The auto shop type, Rei thinks she’s saying.  That’s not at all what she means.

Ami admits she jumped to the wrong conclusion!  Now… Ami is helping Natsumi fix cars, because that’s a logical conclusion.  She also apologized for freaking out.

“Come on, all I did was lend you a hand, Natsumi,” Ami murmurs, blushing.  Surprise!  Ami has technical/mechanical/engineering intuition!

“She seems so rigid… you’re into that, aren’t you?”  WELL THEN

“This one is the best among older women.” “I thought grannies were.” FOR KIDS

The Amazon Trio have some hilariously backward ideas.

“You’re not planning to stay and help Natsumi forever, are you?” UM OKAY

“Why is Ami helping at that garage?  Her dream is to become a doctor.”  “Sometimes you want to make a dream come true for someone else.”  OKAY THEN

All I’m saying is Ami has a big bisexual crush.

Hawk’s Eye has a fake beard on oh my god.  “Disguised as the man she loved” except with pink hair.

Yeah, I would be suspicious of a dude with the exact same haircut/beard as my dead husband…minus pink hair.


And then invited me on a trip around the world, because that’s normal.

“I was romancing her… I mean talking about dreams!” “That’s not important!”  Chibi-Usa, you’ve got it right.

Now everyone is fixing the thing!

“Usagi, don’t pound so hard!” lololol

“You don’t understand how cars feel!”

I mean, it’s not the worst reason to keep from running away with a stranger.

“I won’t let you have your way!”

“Life is short!  Fall in love, young ladies.”

I like that a lot of these monsters attack by forcing the girls into doing their own specialized circus games.

“Sailor Moon, you’ve put on weight again. You feel heavy.” UH SORRY WHAT THE FUCK

“The pendulum principle!”  YOU SCIENCE THEM MERCURY

And now Ami and Natsumi are going for a ride in the newly repaired car as it plays honestly romance music, but then it goes nope and they start giggling.  More adventures await!

“She camps under that bridge.” …so she’s a hipster.

This tiny child on a “training journey” because that’s totally legal!

Tiger’s Eye is setting out to seduce a literal child.

“I feel like yelling out your well wishes just as she’s about to fight is a little distracting.

“That’s my mother.”  Doesn’t mean she should show up out of nowhere in heels and a tight short dress to beat you with a stick.

This guy comes up out of nowhere and recites poetry and offers you tea and calls you pretty and you’re a ten-year-old or something yeah I think your distaste is reasonable.

He’s using magic and cheating, don’t worry little girl.

Why is he dressed up like half a samurai and half a Shakespearean actor?

“But no mother hates her own child.” HA

“She’s with some strange fellow” well that’s accurate.

This episode is about 20 kinds of wrong.

“Another weirdo appeared!’’

“What is this wet, gooey stuff?” I…have no comment.

And the little swordswoman tries to fight the monster.

Mars bests her by tricking her into trying a cat’s cradle she has difficulty doing.

And then she gets hit in the face with Miharu’s sword.

“That parent and child are something else.”  Lol that’s one way of putting it.

And I think they have a different definition of “wonderful mother” than I do.

–your fangirl heroine.



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