Whimsy Wednesday :: in which Diana the cat causes mischief and Mr. Kittycat wants to bang fairies.

30 Dec

Ninja Usagi.  Delight.

“Are you a burglar or a peeping Tom?”

Mamoru helping Ami with her math homework.  What cute.  Intellectual cute.  That, despite Usagi’s beliefs, means nothing except they both enjoy math homework.

Fire extinguisher shenanigans.  Which Diana apologizes for and Rei tells her not to worry about.  But now Mamoru has to go stay with Rei and Diana is going to go “to make sure there is no hanky-panky.”  Where did Diana even learn that term.

And what is she supposed to do? If they really wanted to get up to…whatever…she’s a kitten. They could just go in another room and close the door.

Ah, they begin to target the senshi, Rei first.

And Rei’s grandpa is scamming on Mamoru as a potential mate for Rei.  That’s not creepy at all nope nope.

Yuichiro screaming looked like the cover for a dark anime.  Like FMA or something.

Mamoru typing his “college paper” in his borrowed room on his 90s laptop.

Oh my god Diana insisting on calling him “Master Mamoru.”  He just invited her to join him in the bath and she blushed.

Rei just saw Mamoru naked.  We just saw Mamoru naked.  That was his butt.

…And then he and Yuichiro fucked?

…And then Usagi appeared in Rei’s room suddenly. AndRei and Usagi fucked?

(Hint: neither of those things happened.)

“The bath is retro-style,” says Yuichiro, making the bath too hot for Mamoru.  Because that is a normal revenge scheme.

Chibi-Usa starting to ask the flying horse for love advice.  This is getting awkward!  Again.

Also, where did Usagi even get a ninja uniform.

This has been an episode of butts.

“Coffee Teri.”

“A young man only looking at one woman…that’s pathetic.” Or he’s just particular?

Oh, and here comes Tiger’s Eye to scam on Rei with what he earlier described as a “traditional approach.”

“I was so smitten by your mysterious eyes that my legs gave way.”  Earlier I was trying to describe Tiger’s Eye’s bullshit to my mom and said something like “you’re such a wonderful young woman, I would like to take my shirt off and kiss your mouth” and it’s not even that much of an exaggeration?

“who dreams of a future filled with hopes of finding true love” how about just “who dreams of true love” that gets your point across.

“Cool down their heads with water!”

I also like that Diana kitten is insisting that Mamoru keep doing his homework.

Is this an episode that’s going to deconstruct the manic pixie dream girl??????

Chibi-Usa’s hair defies all laws of everything.

So she bumped into the author of the book and… then the scene transitioned.  Like.  What purpose did that serve?

Also, I like that the book is just called Fairy.

Oh, here’s a scene of them talking.

“Isn’t there anyone who’ll light my motivational fire?”

“You don’t get it. They say fruits are tastiest just before they rot.” WOOOOOOW

Fish’s Eye has latched onto the writer Mr. Kitakata damn fast.

“You shouldn’t come alone to a dark forest.”  “I didn’t come alone!”  And from the top of Chibi-Usa’s head Diana meows.  Because she are cat.

Oh my god Fish’s Eye is luring Mr. Kitakata by wearing a dress and twirling around in the forest giggling oh my god.

Now they’re standing in the lake.  This is a deconstruction.  It has to be.  Like a premeditative deconstruction because the trope didn’t exist when this was first done.

Diana is here to interrupt the scene by smelling Fish’s Eye’s feet to the point that it drives her to distraction.  “Why are there cats in this world?” she asks, showering and vowing to kill all cats.

“She didn’t have a human scent… but I don’t think she’s a fairy, either,” Diana says.  She proceeds to describe Fish’s Eye fishy scent.  Good job smelling, kitten.

Rei and Minako and Makoto swearing to check on Mr. Kitakata after realizing he’s handsome.  Ami blush-cringing.  I know that feel, Ami.

Mr. Kitakata sounds like Mr. Kittycat, which is ironic if Fish’s Eye hates cats.

Mr. Kittycat’s parents think he’s too young to fall in love and he thinks he’s already in love with his manic pixie dream girl, but she’s sat on a flower and nearly crushed it, which proves that she’s not a fairy.  Somehow.

“So that wasn’t a fairy after all!” SHOCKING

“Oh dear… you must be those pumpkins I heard about.”

This Lemures is forcing Sailor Moon to beat him on the dangerous tightrope.  That’s a silly monster thing to do.

Luckily Tuxedo Mask is here.  “Putting a young girl in a dangerous position makes you unworthy of being called a man,” he says, although to be fair the Lemures never actually claimed to be a man despite having a masculine presentation.

“Chibimoon, call Pegasus!” Don’t you mean “Chibimoon, call Jesus?”

Mr. Kitakata thinks that Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi-Moon are fairies now.  Because apparently that’s how he conceptualizes anything he can’t understand clearly.

–your fangirl heroines.



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