Spoiler Alert Saturday :: my thoughts on Joy

26 Dec
  1. Jennifer Lawrence should be in a Tarantino film because she would be really good at murdering things and giving lengthy pop-culture-filled monologues and being awesome.
  2. Parts of this movie felt like David O. Russell was trying to aesthetically be Wes Anderson but wasn’t really committing to it.  The motif of the soap opera should have carried through the entire film, not just stopped halfway through.
  3. This is kind of like “what if Cinderella started a corporation.”
  4. The majority of characters in this movie were horrible people who needed to be punched in the teeth.
  5. I did approve of the fact that it showed a positive platonic relationship between her and her ex though.
  6. I also approved of the fact that the movie did not end in a romance with her and Bradley Cooper.  I thought it was going to, so that was refreshing.  Especially considering other romantic subplot bullshit that has been pulled off in recent films with this mafia.
  7. I could understand that it was well-done but I just didn’t want to watch it most of the time.  I rooted for the titular Joy but I just couldn’t stand watching her tribulations.

–your fangirl heroine.



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