Whimsy Wednesday :: in which Mako has a famous girlfriend and Chibi-Usa’s relationship with Pegasus becomes mildly uncomfortable.

23 Dec

I am using headphones to watch tonight because my cousin is in the next room over sleeping off jetlag and it is making the theme song sound slightly different somehow.

Also oh my god those poses in the beginning are so cute.

The Moon Night Pegasus.  Sounds fairly in the Jupiter Ascending genre, but in a nice way.

“It’s viscerally moving,” Ami says of the novel.  I love her so much.

Mako’s eyes wibble as she stares at the book well then

“Such a huge difference in talent,” tiny Diana cat chirps, throwing shade on Usagi for not being a teenage author herself.  Diana cat is a sarcastic little thing.

And now Mako is reminiscing about giving encouragement to her novel-writing friend.  In colored pencils.  That’s quite.  Something.


Matchmaking sillies gonna reunite Mako with her old girlfriend.

Well, the fact that she wrote a book about a Pegasus means she’s got a fairly more legitimate reason to be pursued in search of Pegasus.

“Mako seems very happy.”  WELL

Take that smarmy tux off you asshole

I like that it only takes, like, a minute to break his confidence.

Mako knew the exact tree to find Tomoko hiding under.  Mako wants to look after Tomoko and help her through her writer’s block.

“My butt is cold.”


“I wouldn’t give empty compliments to someone I don’t know.”  Meaning you would to someone you did know?  But also, that’s cute.  Mako’s flirting.

Tomoko’s got wibble eyes for a soccer player boy but Mako brought her a soda so I think we all know what’s really going on.

Chibi-Usa, telling Tomoko that you too have seen Pegasus is not maybe the best idea.

But this whole business of Tomoko and Mako grinning at each other through the window is great business.

“Dead Publishing” SEEMS LEGIT

This is the very most legit.

“I won’t let you lay a finger on Tomoko,” Jupiter shouts from her perch on the wall-post.

“Tenko the Time Bomb Escape Magician” is a really uh, overly long name for a little-bad.

Electrified chains, that’s kinky.

That’s the most useful thing that Tuxedo Mask’s rose has done in a while.

“Chains don’t look good on pretty girls” now now Tuxedo Mask no need to kinkshame.


I’m so.  This show is a gift.

Don’t let her walk away without something gay happening!

“Dedicated to my dearest friend Mako” ah-huh.

WELL that was heterosexual

“Please tell me [where you come from].”  “Why?”  “Because I want to be your friend.”  Also because it’s safer to know where your mysterious friend the FLYING HORSE comes from.

Once she steals Pegasus’ host’s heart though won’t it be too evil and won’t he disappear?

This teacher needs to step back and not complain about Chibi-Usa painting a pegasus in her painting and this little tiny bro needs to not insult the teacher’s dateability.

Yeah, he needs his ass kicked tbh.

I also like that the Amazon Trio actually argues about who’s going to do work, not who’s going to have to stay home.

Poor sad lonely teacher.

“You’re lovely even when you’re worried but I think a smile would look even nicer on you” oh my god he sounds exactly like a real douchebag on a street yelling at women.

I feel like this entire season is a morality tale about the evils of non-consensual kink.

I could see that!

Like.  All over.

“When will you learn to stop attacking women, wretch?!”  Yike Tuxedo Mask did you have to damsel them?

What’s wrong with Chibi Moon?  You mean, you haven’t figured out that she is in fact the one they’re looking for, being that she is calling on Pegasus regularly.

Now, take these reins and make Pegasus yours. This is about twelve kinds of sketchy.

“My dream to become friends with everyone I like!” uh, same?”

Look at Chibi-Usa standing up for agency and choices in her beautiful dream.

Sailor Moon, who looks absolutely nothing like this girl who’s standing right next to you.

But really, this teacher sums up so many of my feelings about why I would personally be a bad teacher.

Oh, snap, there’s a new fancy toy for Chibi-Usa.  Because Pegasus wants to be her friend too.

He just blushed because she took off her dress in front of him.  Well, it is awkward to draw the naked little girl.  That’s true.


–your fangirl heroines.



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