Sundry Sunday :: my urban dictionary: normals

14 Dec

Def.: I should preface this with the fact that this is not my terminology exclusively and this is not even uncommon terminology in my circles.  Basically, “normals” are people who fit some definition of “normal” by societal standards, but I think I should clarify the variety of ways in which I personally might use it, given the circumstances of my being.

  • not a nerd
  • more specifically, someone who is not so much of a nerd that they catalog details and theories and know
  • someone who enjoys things like large parties, beer, football, sitcoms, Top 40 radio, heterosexual subplots, or other things deemed “normal” to like
  • someone who fits the general societal default i.e. cishet white guy
  • someone whose brain processes typically

I don’t mean “normals” as an insult (usually) but as someone who does not fit many of these categories that I’m told I’m supposed to fit, it’s my way of classifying the mystifying other that I don’t always understand for some reason.

Usage: I work with a lot of normals, so it’s an interesting observational experiment watching them deal with situations.

–your fangirl heroine.



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