Whimsy Wednesday :: in which unnecessary heterosexuality and nobody bothers to consider if people might be from the future.

9 Dec

Mamoru fucking flying over the city I don’t even know why they did that Tuxedo Mask cannot fly.

Oh, look, a manufactured love triangle that makes no sense. There is no shortage of those.

“A little mess is manlier, right?” “*sweatdrops*” good reaction, Saori.

Surprise, Saori and Kobayashi!  Mamoru’s girlfriend is a literal… junior high school student.  Who comes with her own tag-along future daughter slash fake cousin person.

“I’m a blossoming 15 years old” which means she should not be in this relationship WHATEVER

“You’d never guess by looking at her, but Saori plans on being a police officer” like why wouldn’t you guess that looking at her?  Because she’s femme?

“My little honor student pigeon” jesus christ what kind of phrase is that Tiger’s Eye.

“More like ‘suspicious creep’” yes accurate especially considering he then said he would force her to be his.  This is just a cautionary tale about scam artist dudes.

No they do not look made for one another.

Why is he sharing his sadness with the eight-year-old?


“Do you think it’s odd?… I mean a woman like me.”  Jaysus Saori own your ambitions I believe in you, convenient one-off.

Pooko the balloon lady sure is a weirdo.

Yeah what the hell is that

That’s a giant evil bouncy ball that has a crush on Mamoru?????

Can’t they just pop her?

There you go Mamoru.

Why didn’t he do that earlier?

I think the sexy balloon lady actually makes me more uncomfortable than the regular balloon.

Everyone staring like a creep.

Heterosexuality is dangerous.

I would like to know how a male cat has an “affair” with a beautiful nun.

Imaginarily and heterosexually?

Mamoru knows that exact specific nun.  There’s only one nun at the Juban Church.

Artemis’ sweatdrop omg

Diana the kitten you are so wibbley.

Heterosexual cat drama.

Tiger’s Eye you are grooooooooooooooooossssssssssss

“Artemis, who is your master?”  That is a weird statement to be asking your cat.  Even if you do suspect your cat of having an impossible affair with a human nun that somehow produced a tiny purple kitten from space.

“I feel so sorry for your child when you say that.  Artemis!  Show some responsibility for your child!” Or something.

But I mean…this is really silly because male cats hardly ever parent lol.

ALSO you idiot, why are you targeting a nun?!

Because he is a giant creepy idiot????

WELP this got more uncomfortably rapey than usual right quick.

“What’s the big idea?  You could have struck my face!”  Why does Tiger’s Eye pretend he is heterosexual he is the worst liar.

“Even a cat knows a villain when it sees one. Say hi to my cat.”  Sailor Venus.  Darling.




Evil kangaroo kidnapping the cat to make him her evil kangaroo baby?????

This makes even less sense than usual.

“Every young woman yearns to be married here.”  You’re so cute in your teenage ignorance, y’all.

Tiger’s Eye, maybe if you stuck around to help your Lemures defeat the senshi???  Something productive would happen????

Future kitten!  Future kitten is the reason! Because really, y’all should know by now that if someone turns up out of nowhere they’re either a monster or from the future.

“Never give up!” NEVER SURRENDER

Wow nO ONE could have predicted this!!!!!

“Even though I’m a cat I thought it would be nice to get married in a church like that.”

Diana kitten has a mildly less squeaky voice than in the dub.

–your fangirl heroines.



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