Television Tuesday :: the Bs of me and my lady tropes

8 Dec

I’m presenting these without reference, but in the future I am going to gravitate back toward this.  I’ve meant to make this list, albeit with reference, for some time, but I think without reference will actually make the point just as well; there’s overlap in my girls.  This is not all things that I actually am, but it is things that have been known to be found in fictional characters that I gravitate toward or that people attribute to me.

  1. Bitchy (or overly sarcastic/caustic/attitude-possessing) (I don’t particularly like the word bitchy, but some of the characters would describe themselves that way, and also the alliteration)
  2. Brainy/bookish/brilliant
  3. Boobs (having significant ones)
  4. Bisexual (or lesbian/queer/not straight is the point) (this has been one of my tropes since before I was even out to myself and I wonder how nobody suspected, honestly)
  5. British
  6. Brutally murdered
  7. Beat up or belittled (i.e., survivors of abuse)
  8. Babbling (i.e. selectively chatty and/or awkward)
  9. Brain is different (whether that be crazy or just somehow atypical)
  10. Bar wench (or prostitute or professionally sexualized woman, or etcetera)

–your fangirl heroine.



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